Hypocrisy: Climate Change Justifies Carbon Tax

Hypocrisy: Climate Change Justifies Carbon Tax
Posted on December 1, 2015 | Kevin Harris | Written on December 1, 2015
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This article was written for the Canadian Common Sense Blog.

Author's Note:

Author's Note:

This article was originally written for and appears on, Canadian Common Sense.

Do you honestly think that those so-called progressive elites actually believe the words they preach?  Just this past weekend in Ottawa, David Suzuki was once again spewing hot air.

“At this moment of climate crisis,” he said, “there is an opportunity for radical transformation in our society. We have to transform the way we live on this planet.”

Suzuki urged the crowd to be “thoughtful” in its climate change campaigning; “or else the right wing ideologues and bigots will seize the moment to take over the agenda.”

Do you know how Suzuki arrived in Ottawa?  By airplane.  Do you know how many of those that marched in this event arrived in Ottawa?  By bus.  And those buses were left to idle while this march was taking place.  Did you know that Suzuki owns four properties, one with ties to big oil?  Yet, according to Reader's Digest, the number one most trusted person in Canada is David Suzuki.  Yep, you read that correctly; Canada’s biggest hypocrite has been declared most trusted.

Climate alarmists like Suzuki have been predicting doom and gloom for the past fifty years.  And guess what, we’re still here.  The polar bears are still here, the Arctic Ice-Caps are still here.

Remember when Al Gore predicted that we’d be roasting in Hades by 2015 and Florida would be under water?  You tell me, how’s Florida doing these days?

Socially progressive logic dictates, create a problem out of nothing and then propose a solution through higher taxes.

There is only one thing that 100% of climate scientists can agree upon; climate is a dynamic concept.  Climate has been changing since the dawn of time and will continue to change long after Humanity has slipped into the depths of history.

This apparent 97% consensus of scientists is a ruse; there can be no consensus between the various models that claim to predict climate change when one model predicts a warming trend, another, a cooling trend.  This so-called agreement between scientists is nothing more than yet another scare tactic designed to take more money out of your own pocket; while condemning you for enjoying the fruits of Human innovation.  This is how government taxes you into the future while collecting the money from you now; perpetuating generational tax fraud.

The broad implications of climate change extend far beyond Humanity's impact; we're just another organism existing on this big blue ball of water.  According to St. Suzuki himself, we are merely maggots.

Between volcanic eruptions, solar flares and sunspots (solar cycles), there really should be no surprise that these influences are far greater than any Human activity.  We Humans are nothing but a small blip compared to the enormity of planet Earth.  But the elites and so-called progressives will tell you that we need to send Humanity back to the stone-age to save the planet.

Apparently, common sense just went out the window. Especially when so many scientists are seriously questioning the progressive's threat of global warming.

It is utterly appalling, albeit not shocking, that so many are in favour of a carbon tax!  It clearly demonstrates the lack of understanding most people have of the issues.

Progressives convince the masses that this necessary tax will help save the planet and that by paying more, you can feel good about yourself that you’re doing your part for the environment.  Well, this begs the question, “How does putting more money into the hands of elites help the planet?”  Answer; it doesn't help the planet.  You just got suckered into forking over more of your hard earned cash.

Honestly, ask everyone you know; why would they want to go back to the horse-and-buggy in some obscure attempt to save the world; or more importantly, how is increasing the cost on everything going to save it? The kumbaya crowd would have you believe that it is Humanity plaguing the planet. So the solution apparently is to tax anything that moves.  They want you to pay to have the ‘privilege’ on turning back the hands of time.

Here's a short list of just a few things that will increase in cost if a Carbon Tax or Cap-and-Trade scheme is implemented:

  1. Everything from farm to grocer.
  2. All Emergency Services.
  3. All trash collection.
  4. Safe Transportation of students to and from school.
  5. All costs associated with Public Transit
  6. All snow-removal activity.
  7. All electronics.
  8. Hydro rates.
  9. Your personal gas bill for either/or home and auto.
  10. All construction activity.

I'm sick and tired of hearing the likes of self-righteous, holier-than-thous, that preach to me how I need to live my life to reduce my carbon footprint; all the while, those same so-called progressives jet-set around the globe. The word hypocrite is a fitting description for these people.  I'm also nauseated at the constant insistence that carbon is bad.

I would hope that everyone realizes that plants and trees and all things that are actually green ‘breathe’ in Carbon Dioxide.  I would also hope that everyone knows that Humans are carbon-based life forms.

Taxing carbon is tantamount to being forced to give the government money every time you exhale.

Do you really want a feel-good measure to convince yourself that you’re saving the planet? Fine, not that it needs saving (the planet has been doing just fine for the last five billion years) but this is what you should do: eat healthy, love thy neighbour, never throw trash out of your car window when you think no one is looking, and please; don't believe any government when they tell you the monies raised will go to research and development of green energy initiatives. It will go into the back pockets of Liberal insiders, corrupt public sector unions and a few select special interest groups that lobbied for the tax in the first place.

A carbon tax will most certainly not be revenue-neutral. It will cost the consumer, the provider, the citizen, THE TAXPAYER more than we can afford.  Corporations aren't stupid; any increases they face will be passed on to you via increases in cost of all products and services you currently enjoy.

It’s a triple hit; corporations and businesses will have to pay a carbon tax, which they will pass onto the consumer who must also pay an additional tax on the increased price of whatever good or service is being purchased.  And if corporations still can’t afford to pay the carbon taxes, they’ll relocate to other regions taking valuable economically stimulating jobs with them.

A carbon tax is nothing more than a slap in the face; a blunt attack on Human ingenuity and a direct assault on your pocketbook.

So my message to the Liberal governments and their supporters is simply this: Stop picking a fight with backbone industries and people who are essential to both our economy and society!  We will not live like our ancestors and nor should we pay a premium for utilizing all the benefits of Human brilliance and innovation.

The progressive elites won’t tell you about other renewable technologies that can aid in moving us off dependency on oil.  Well, except the usual culprits such as Wind Power and Solar Cells.  Heaven forbid you mention any sort of benefit to perusing the refinement of nuclear power.  And don’t ever mention the high-efficiency incinerators used in Sweden that turn garbage into usable energy.

Supporters of a carbon tax don’t give a damn about the environment or sustainable solutions.  They attempt to sell the message as such, but the reality is they only care about taking more of your money and making you feel good while surrendering your coin.

Climate change is a natural process.  Congratulations, it’s entirely your fault.

Say NO to a DAMNED CARBON TAX!  Call, e-mail and write your MP and MPP with the strong words that YOU DO NOT SUPPORT A CARBON TAX!

And join me the next time we celebrate Earth Hour.

Say no to big government taking more of your hard earned dollars.  Make the hashtag ‪#‎NoCarbonTax trend on Twitter.  Let's send a strong message to our elected leaders that we say NO to increased taxes on everything.  Say NO to the progressive elites attempting to sucker you into paying more!  SAY #NOCARBONTAX!!

And that is Kevin’s Common Sense.  I truly hope that it is also CANADIAN COMMON SENSE!

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