A Happy New Year Wish from Unpublished Media

A Happy New Year Wish from Unpublished Media
Posted on January 1, 2021 | Unpublished Admin | Written on January 1, 2021


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During this holiday season, the team at Unpublished Media would like to extend its Best Wishes to you and your family and friends for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

2020 was an exceptionally challenging year. The pandemic has affected everyone, everywhere, in ways we never imagined. But, true to form Canadians are meeting the challenge in their own unique ways.

During this difficult time, Unpublished Media has strived to provide our audience with relevant information on the issues that affect Canadians. We ramped up production to produce 39 podcasts and live shows on COVID-19 because we believe it’s essential when fake news and propaganda abound, Canadians have an information source they can count on and a safe space they can go to learn, discuss and debate current affairs.

Whether you’re contributing to UnpublishedOttawa.com participating in our weekly polls on Unpublished.vote, listening to the Unpublished.cafe podcasts, watching our Live UnpublishedTV panels on Monday nights, or engaging fellow Canadians on the Unpublished Ottawa Facebook pageTwitter and Instagram accounts, we thank you for caring about Canada and the world we live in.

A Fresh Approach in 2021

Compromise is the Canadian way. Many decisions affecting Canadians across our vast nation have required compromise. Good policy and political decisions necessitate frank, honest discussion and debate. Which is why Unpublished Media provides Canadians with platforms to engage each other as well as Canada’s decision-makers.

Coming in 2021, we are merging our platforms and revamping the design in order to make our user experience more friendly, safe and engaging. As we look to bring this uniquely Canadian platform to international audiences, we encourage you to continue to take advantage of our tools, and by doing so, help shape political debate in Canada and around the world.

Be safe this holiday season. Let’s continue to do our part to speed Canada’s recovery.

Happy New Year!

James O’Grady, President

Unpublished Media Inc.


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