COUNTDOWN: Internet Emergency

COUNTDOWN: Internet Emergency
Posted on November 20, 2015 | Open Media | Written on November 20, 2015
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BREAKING: the government has JUST announced they will consider a sneaky attempt by Bell to undo new customer protection rules through an obscure, rarely invoked parliamentary procedure.1,2

If successful Bell could kill Canada's smaller and more affordable Internet providers so they can price-gouge you at will. And you don’t have to be a Bell customer – this will impact everyone.

This means the countdown has started until the government makes its final decision on the future of affordable Internet access, and we only have a short window to make as much noise as possible.

Please sign our petition and we’ll make sure your opposition to Bell’s power-grab goes on the public record. Join over 20,000 Canadians speaking out to stop this price-gouging scheme.

Why are they trying to do this? The answer is obvious: to rip-off Canadians, control the entire ISP market, and ensure we have no choice but their outdated services.

And if they succeed it will be nearly impossible to undo.

James, this is why we need you to speak out now more than ever. Please, tell the new government to reject Bell’s underhanded power-grab NOW before it’s too late.

Your small OpenMedia team spent more than a year fighting to win these rules. We put the perspectives of over 30,000 Canadians on the public record in favour of greater choice and affordability. And we won.3

But now Bell is pushing the Liberal government to hurt Canadians through measures that would reduce Internet service choice and crank up prices. Which raises the question:

Who will the new government side with? Big Telecom? Or us?

This is a make-or-break moment for the Internet in Canada. Please hurry.

–Josh, on behalf of OpenMedia

P.S., Going up against Bell’s army of lobbyists is no small feat. We need your donations to help power our campaign. Donate now to help stop Bell from killing Canada's smaller and more affordable Internet providers.


[1] Bell is lobbying the Canadian government for a “free pass”. Source: Medium.
[2] Petition to the Governor in Council concerning Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2015-326. Source: Industry Canada.
[3] Our crowdsourced policy became government policy. The CRTC heard your call, Canada. Source:OpenMedia.

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