Conservatives Announce Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet and Critics

Conservatives Announce Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet and Critics
Posted on November 20, 2015 | Unpublished Admin | Written on November 20, 2015
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

This press release was issued by the Conservative Party earlier today. 


OTTAWA — The Hon. Rona Ambrose, Leader of Canada’s Official Opposition and Interim Leader of the Conservative Party, today announced the Opposition Shadow Cabinet and Critics.

These individuals have the experience, dedication, and drive to effectively challenge and hold the Liberal Government to account.

“I believe the team we have assembled will be the strongest Official Opposition this country has ever seen,” said Ms. Ambrose. “I am proud to lead this team of talented and respected individuals from across Canada. Together, we will ask the Government tough questions and hold them to account.”

Over 5.6 million Canadians voted for the Conservative Party on October 19, leading to one of the strongest oppositions to a majority government in Canadian history. The Conservatives will form a strong opposition and ensure hard-working Canadians and their families are protected and the country’s finances kept in check.

The Liberals have proposed a massive tax-and-spend plan and the Conservatives will not stand idly by while the Government runs large deficits at the expense of Canada’s future. The Official Opposition will challenge them every step of the way, ensuring that those who sent us here–our constituents–have a voice.

The Prime Minister still owes Canadians answers on what his plan is to settle 25,000 refugees in less than six weeks. In addition, Canadians want to know how he plans to fight the evil that is ISIS while scaling back Canada’s military contribution, when all of our allies are ramping theirs up. Conservatives urge the Prime Minister to share his plans immediately.

“Today, I am asking Prime Minister Trudeau to be open and transparent on how he will safely and responsibly settle 25,000 Syrian in less than six weeks, which is over 500 people per day,” said Ms. Ambrose. “Canadians are compassionate and the goal of supporting refugees from Iraq and Syria is important to us all, but Canadians are asking valid questions. At this critical time, the Conservative Party is offering to work constructively with the Government. Once again, we are calling on the Liberal Government to reverse its decision to withdraw Canada’s CF-18s, which are fighting the global scourge that is ISIS.”



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