The Tail of Two Trudeaus

The Tail of Two Trudeaus
Posted on November 20, 2015 | Kevin Harris | Written on November 20, 2015
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Do you remember where Pierre Elliott Trudeau was in World War 2?

While the world was busy fighting the evil Nazis, Trudeau senior was flaunting a swastika on a motorcycle, parading through the roads of rural Quebec.

Fast forward to 2015; radical Islamic State militants have declared war against western democracies. The recent attack in Paris was just the latest example.

And where is Justin Trudeau? If not attending an extremist Wahhabi mosque, Trudeau junior can be found posing for 'selfies' at the G20 summit in Turkey.

Like father like son?

Seriously, what the hell is so difficult to comprehend? The radical Islamic State militants are the single greatest threat to Humanity since the Nazis of Germany.

Yet Trudeau junior is still so insistent to back out of the U.S. lead coalition, bring our fighters home and to bury his head in the sand; while bringing in 25,000 Syrian migrants without proper vetting procedures.

I know I am not the only one who is questioning the logic (or lack thereof) of Trudeau's stance. How dare Trudeau abandon our allies. How stupid or naive must one be to not see the radical threat posed by ISIL?

Is Justin Trudeau the Antichrist?

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