TONIGHT on UnpublishedTV: Reopening the Border

TONIGHT on UnpublishedTV: Reopening the Border
Posted on September 21, 2020 | Unpublished Admin | Written on September 21, 2020
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Tonight on the UnpublishedTV live panel we ask: When should the Canada US border reopen to non essential travel?
However, you’re watching and listening to our show, whether its right here on, or through our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, or on our podcast channels—iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, iHeartRadio and more—we would like to remind you that you can “cast your vote” on this topic at, and then email your MP to tell them why.
When we recorded our podcast last week, it was to be revisited. We now know the border will remain closed until October 21st. 
At you will find our podcast on this issue as well as articles, opinion pieces and research on the various views on re opening the border. If you haven't done so already, please vote after the show tonight. 
Special Guests:
Joining us this evening....
  • Colin Robertson, former Canadian diplomat and Vice President and Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute 
  • Maryscott (Scotty) Greenwood, CEO of Canadian American Business Association, and
  • Jack Jedwab, President and CEO of the Association of Canadian Studies 

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