Nobody will be Left Behind Really?

Nobody will be Left Behind Really?
Posted on August 27, 2020 | John Redins | Written on August 27, 2020
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It’s late August and still in this pandemic. While politicians say we are in this together PWD(People with Disabilities) are asking what value are we to this province and country. How do you put a value on a PWD? Well the provincial government thinks we are between 900 and 1300 dollars and offer a drug and dental plan that makes it harder to get the proper medication. Now if a medication a doctor prescribes PWD are pushed back with unnecessary paperwork to prove they need that medication after a doctor prescribes if it is not covered. You think a doctor is performing an unprofessional act? Missing a limb that effects your livelihood, you have to reapply every 5 years! Really stupid when you have to go to a doctor and ask them “Dr I need you to sign this form of endless questions that my limb will not grow. Thank you see you in 5 years.” 


Financially the Federal Government has set the goal post with the CERB for people to survive at 2000 dollars. Meanwhile a PWD in Ontario as mentioned earlier only make between 900 and 1200 a month. What is rent today again? We have a premier telling people on ODSP get a job when 92 percent can’t work. We have extra expenses like cleaning products and supplies for some to survive. At the start of the pandemic the Ford government offered 100 dollars per single and 200 per family at the start but didn’t announced it. Some didn’t get the extra funding because recipients had to apply for it and didn't know. Couple months after the Ministry made it automatic. August was the last month. Meanwhile BC government has expanded there’s until the end of the year with a 300 dollar amount.  #ODSPoverty is alive with this government.


Federally, Prime Minister Trudeau keeps saying nobody will be left behind. Let’s look at Mr Trudeau’s response. We value PWD your worth 600 dollars with a no eta date. Estimated number PWD is 6 million Canadians but we don’t know who is qualified. We have to get this out fast there hurting. They played politics to rush it out with additional CERB fraud legalisation. It didn’t go anywhere except more promises for the CERB to pass the budget expenses and got a political party supporting it avoiding the defeat of the government. It cost the support of a motion on calling out racism from another political party. They recessed for the month and then called back as the WE controversy and supported the 600 dollar one time cheque. The government added more PWDs to get that support. Remember there is 6 million, there covering 1.2 million only people with that encentive. They are the Disability Tax Credit recipients, Disability Pension and the Veteran’s Pension. Many of Canada’s People with Disabilities are left behind again. Been told cheque is in the mail over and over….No date. There some political parties we hear you but…...Actions speak louder than words. YOU DON’T HEAR US! 


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