Send a clear message on Aug. 1st, vote Green for real change!

Send a clear message on Aug. 1st, vote Green for real change!
Posted on July 28, 2013 | Taylor Howarth | Written on July 28, 2013
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Dear Ottawa South voters,

This summer's by-elections have been nothing short of extraordinary for the Green Party. What we have achieved in Ottawa South, despite a small budget, proves that our message of transparency, accountability and sustainability resonates with voters.

In speaking with and engaging voters directly over the last few weeks, I have the sense that many voters feel caught in a catch-22 when it comes to casting their ballots. Many wish not to vote for more of the same, but see no alternative. As a result, they will either vote strategically, which is essentially voting for something you don’t want instead or something you do, or they won't vote at all.

This, in effect, changes nothing, while further turning citizens off of civic engagement.

When I hear voters speak this way I tell them:

  1. You do not have to continue to vote for a party you feel does not represent you; and
  2. You can vote for a party that seeks to reform the electoral system to prevent mis- or non-representation and which encourages citizen engagement

Let’s be clear, this by-election is not going to change the government, but it can be a tool to send a clear message to Queen’s Park to clean up its act!

Our job as Greens is to keep government honest and accountable. The Green Party does not seek power for power's sake. We seek election to influence government policy in order to achieve a sustainable Ontario. An important distinction that keeps us humble in our search for a rational, honest, and socially just approach to governance that makes sense in the 21st Century.

If ever there was an opportunity to send a clear message to Queen's Park about the need for CHANGE, it's here in Ottawa South, in the riding of former Premier Dalton McGuinty.

The Green Party is the only ethical and accountable choice for real change in Ontario.
On August 1st, I ask for your vote.

Think Big. Expect Better. Vote Green.


Taylor Howarth
Green Party candidate, Ottawa South


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Great letter! Glad to see the Greens are making this by-election about governance.


Thanks DASL! Is there another subject more pertinent than governance itself in present provincial affairs? I think not.


I love it!!!! Go Taylor Go!!!