Schreiner: Doug Ford is planning for more sprawl

Schreiner: Doug Ford is planning for more sprawl
Posted on June 22, 2020 | Mike Schreiner | Written on June 21, 2020
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Premier Ford has never stopped looking for ways to carve up more farmland and greenspace for deep-pocketed land speculators.

After trying multiple times to get into the Greenbelt, he’s now setting his sights on the Growth Plan, trying to reverse decades of smart urban planning.

This is planning for sprawl, plain and simple, at the expense of our environment and livable communities.

Instead of building healthy neighbourhoods, the Premier is using magic math to build sprawling subdivisions where the population projections are not calling for it.

Paving over farmland and forests will not solve the affordable housing crisis, but it will mean bigger profits for land speculators.

Worst of all is the plan to allow quarries and gravel pits on endangered species habitat.

This is another direct hit against Ontario wildlife after the province gutted the Endangered Species Act last year, allowing for growth on critical wildlife habitat.

I will continue speaking out against the Ford government’s relentless attack on Ontario’s farmland, wetlands and wildlife.

*Find out about the proposal for more sprawl here*

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