Letter to City Staff Addressing Transit System Concerns

Letter to City Staff Addressing Transit System Concerns
Posted on March 4, 2020 | | Written on March 4, 2020
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

Today, following #TransitChallenge2020, I am sharing with City Staff concerns surrounding our city’s transit system including specific feedback received from #KanataNorth residents. OC Tranpo’s focus needs to be to improve the reliability of service for all riders in our city!

Dear Mr. Manconi,

Reflecting on last week’s Transit Challenge and the feedback I am receiving daily from

frustrated Kanata North residents, I am writing to you today to share concerns surrounding our city’s transit system.

I’m happy to see that service improvements are a top priority of the 2020 Transit Services Business Plan. However, we have a long way to go to improve on the service that is currently being provided. When LRT service disruptions occur, it has a ripple effect on local routes as additional buses are pulled in to assist creating much frustration. This cannot continue as it is creating unreliability in our system and adds uncertainty to the commutes of Ottawa residents.

I believe that OC Tranpo’s focus right now needs to be restoring reliable LRT service. All energies must be dedicated to fixing this. Once that is accomplished, when S1 is no longer needed and buses are no longer pulled from existing routes, reliability will be restored to bus service as well.

My goal is to continue to work together to improve the reliability of service for all riders in our city. To date, I have been working closely with OC Transpo on improvements. My team and I have kept in constant communication with staff about feedback we receive. Concerns shared with me last week are summarized below, for your convenience:

  • We need more frequent and reliable service for routes 63, 64 and 266.
  • The 266 is very unreliable and drivers are often unfamiliar with the route. When it runs well, it is a preferred route as it is much quicker. There is a need for one more late am peak run and one more later pm peak time run.
  • More convenient bus service to DND possibly using route 66 in both directions.
  • Peak PM service back to Terry Fox Park & Ride is not efficient. There are large gaps in the schedule without service and then multiple buses show up at the same time.
  • Bus service for the Arcadia neighbourhood is needed as this community continues to grow.
  • During the peak PM commute, route 63 is unreliable from Gatineau. Buses don’t show up or aren’t running on schedule.
  • Recent trend at Tunney’s Pasture of buses showing ‘Out of Service’ until they drive off, causing people to miss their bus altogether, or at the very least, making every commuter ask the driver what bus it is, causing a lot of chaos at an already overcrowded stop.
  • Customer alerts providing no/wrong information about cancellations and delays.
  • Route 62, 265 and 268 scheduling issues. All routes scheduled within the same time

    period instead of spacing out the intervals.
  • Insufficient service locally: Not frequent enough, as it takes 2 buses to get across Kanata North & South.

I appreciate that you and your team are working hard to improve service across the city. I look forward to an opportunity to discuss the above in the near future.

Many thanks,

Jenna Sudds

City Councillor – Kanata North

(613) 580-2474

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