A request for air quality investigation at Parliament and Rideau

A request for air quality investigation at Parliament and Rideau
Posted on February 4, 2020 | Justin Kelly | Written on February 4, 2020
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Author's Note:

Just doing my part for transit. With a little effort, we can make a big difference for people's health and peace of mind. The air quality is plummeting at Rideau as of this letter. Air quality sensors are expensive and the city has them laying around. 

Hello Mathieu,

As a monitor of almost 4000 LRT commuters, I have a growing consern about the health and safety of the public using the LRT, as well as the employees whom are working in gas filled conditions. Commuters have been complaining about the "sewage smell" from parliament. Its source has changed, and its cause has become unknown according to OC and RTG over the course of their investigation. The likely cause is a toxic gas called H2S hydrogen sulfide. Now in the last two weeks there has been extreme reports of a "egg salad smell" - which is sulphur - at Rideau Station and though the doors of Rideau Mall, and the Bank St airvents for Parliament Station. I have also got reports of irritability, nausea and general symptoms of H2S exposure. H2S and other forms of Sulphur gas is toxic and some of them are also explosive gasses. They are formed generally by decaying organic matter.

My best guess to why this is happening is due to water infiltration of the old earth above- there is evidence of water infiltration in the tunnels, and attempts to clean and seal.

I want to bring this to your attention as you have access to the resources to put in place action to find out if the tunnle is safe.


Justin Kelly

Occasional Transpo

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