Remembrance Day November 11 (a poem)

Remembrance Day November 11 (a poem)
Posted on November 10, 2019 | Ron Unruh | Written on November 9, 2019
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The names of the fallen scroll before me,

Men and women remembered on this official day

158 Canadian lives in Afghanistan ended there,

Most recent in the heritage of bravery

that makes me proud and protected.

Our anthem resonates and salutes snap.

White-haired men and women elegant with medals,

their knowing eyes looking forward as their minds look back,

Wiping tears upon reflection as a last post sounds.

As large guns blast empty shells into the sky undamaged here 

A piper laments the sacrifices and the loss,

And younger faces, free and filled with promise learn

their opportunities exist because of crosses under which 

Remains of fiercely faithful brothers and sisters rest.


At Ease, we can be at such cost. 

Thank you, Dear and beautiful souls. 

© Copyright BY RON UNRUH,

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