U of O (200 page) 2013 Convocation program printed on virgin paper!

U of O (200 page) 2013 Convocation program printed on virgin paper!
Posted on June 10, 2013 | Manuel Costa | Written on June 9, 2013

Author's Note:

Author's Note:

These are just a few examples of the lack of a Printing Policy at the University of Ottawa.

I'm also finding it difficult to send it to them. U of O doesn't seem too interested in feedback and comments.

University of Ottawa 2013 UOgrad Program, 200 pages!, is printed on virgin paper!

C'mon Allan Rock & Michaelle Jean, how about a little sustainability thinking?

Last year my daughter was even docked points for printing one of her papers double-sided! She complained, I wrote a letter to Allan Rock, FB posts, Tweets, nobody bothered to answer, nothing changed.

I guess the issue is considered too small for such a prestigious university to catch anybody's attention. Or too complicated?!

What will it take for the University of Ottawa to really arrive in the 21st century?! I mean, real, every day actions, nor just nice words on sustainability, environment, etc.

Recycled paper, no chlorine, vegetable inks, renewable power, etc. are not leading edge technology requiring studies, assessments, etc., or rocket science. They are old stuff. Still beyond the reach of the Univ. of Ottawa.

You may want to follow the leadership of Algonquin College, not too far from you, where students are REQUIRED to submit their papers electronically.

I was listening to your speeches talking about social responsibility, engagement, contribution to society, special duty to act and wondering if these were just hollow words that do not mean much at your university.

Please. Please! Surprise me and tell me that you will seriously look at your paper usage, your printing policy with climate change in mind and a 50 yr outlook.

Manuel Costa

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