Ottawa's Vicious Anti-Wildlife policy

Ottawa's Vicious Anti-Wildlife policy
Posted on May 22, 2013 | Ontario Wildlife Coalition | Written on May 16, 2013
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

This personal letter addressed to Ottawa Mayor Watson is from Colleen Fraser of Kanata.

Dear Mayor Watson,
Ottawa as the country’s capital has the responsibility of setting an example and leading other municipalities; instead, the city’s wildlife policy is absent since you have handed it over to trappers and hunters who see other species as their recreational targets. Are you aware that those views do not represent the majority of your constituents? Do you care?
Doesn’t Ottawa in the 2nd millennium need to diverge from the wildlife policies of Alaska or Fort Mcmurray? Don’t we need to act on information we have gleaned as a species since this was Bytown? Drowning beavers? Shooting coyotes? Gassing groundhogs?
Stepping beyond the role you are in, doesn’t the variety of wildlife surrounding us indicate something more important to you than a political problem to be dealt with?
Why have you not availed yourself in the formation of this deplorable “policy” with some scientific understanding of the role of these species in the chain of  life around us?
I am not being soft hearted here, but pragmatic: what is a  world devoid of nature’s other creatures? Human supremacy is a responsibility to use our skills wisely not blindly or short sightedly. Often the best solution is a difficult balance between multiple demands. Where is the balance in your position?
Please reconsider and allow scientific opinion to be voiced in this wildlife policy before thousands of creatures are needlessly gone forever from our landscape. The pace and isolation of modern life  has separated us from our  natural landscape to our detriment. When we do place ourselves back in it to refresh our spirit, should there not be other creatures living there?
Please do a better job on this issue for those who elected you and for the animals who are speaking to you through those who protest this barbarity and mean spiritedness.
I do want a reply please to the concerns expressed here. Please do not send me a form letter thanking me for voicing my opinion.
More people will engage in municipal politics if there is evidence that this is a working democracy with a collective seeking of solutions. Rather than question why so few vote, ask instead what encouragement  or meaningful opportunity they have been given to participate in municipal affairs. To change the outcome , you need to change the process.
With concern,
Colleen Fraser, Kanata

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