Get Out and Vote

Get Out and Vote
Posted on October 18, 2015 | Kevin Harris | Written on October 18, 2015
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

#VoteCPC; the Conservative Party is the only Party with a proven record and a firm stance on the issues that matter most to Canadians.

My fellow Canadians, tomorrow is the big day. After one of the longest and arguably bloodiest election periods in Canadian History, tomorrow it will all come to a close.

I’ve discussed many reasons why the Conservative Party of Canada deserves your vote. I’ve outlined many points as to why it is important for the future of Canada to see another four years of the Harper Conservatives. With an unstable global economy, an unstable world, the threats of Russia and the Islamic State Militants the choice is clear: Stephen Harper is the only leader that understands the complex issues facing Canada.

Even many in the mainstream media are starting to see that this is true. The Suburban, Quebec’s largest English newspaper writes, “Never in our history has there been a national election with three parties so close in popular sentiment. Never in our history have the choices been more stark. And never in our history has it been more important to exercise the power of our franchise with intellectual rigour. That is why we take this space this week to urge you to help re-elect the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.”

Did you know that Harper has fulfilled most of his election promises? His track record proves that we can trust him. The Huffington Post notes in an article, “Stephen Harper says out of more than 100 commitments the Conservatives made in the 2011 election campaign, his government only failed to deliver on one: the adult fitness tax credit.”

Kory Teneycke, Campaign Spokesperson for the Conservative Party of Canada implores Conservative supporters, “Friend, when you wake up tomorrow, you’ll have the chance to make history. By casting your ballot for your Conservative candidate, you will be supporting Prime Minister Harper and a re-elected Conservative government. You’ll be supporting a plan to protect our economy with low taxes, balanced budgets, and a plan to create 1.3 million more Canadian jobs by 2020. But if you don’t vote… well, that’s as good as supporting the other guys. …the ones who want to hike taxes, kill jobs, run massive deficits, and expose our fragile economy to global economic turmoil.”

Vote for the Party that has Canada’s best interests at heart. A Liberal or NDP victory would be an utter disaster for Canada. Mark my words, your taxes will go up under a Trudeau or Mulcair Government. Our presence on the world stage will diminish. But if you still aren’t convinced that lower taxes for all Canadians is beneficial and that many of the policies the Harper government has implemented over his near decade of power have been beneficial to all Canadians, well, I doubt I could convince you at this point.

In any event, get out and vote. Don’t stay home and don’t spoil your ballot. Don’t buy into the lies and misinformation the Liberals and NDP are spreading. Be thoughtful Canada, be responsible. Vote.

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