Former Harper PMO lawyer says 'Conservative government has lost the moral authority to govern'

Former Harper PMO lawyer says 'Conservative government has lost the moral authority to govern'
Posted on October 18, 2015 | James Anderson | Written on October 18, 2015
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

From the Canadian Press:

Benjamin Perrin says in a statement that based on what he's personally seen and experienced, he felt there was no other choice but to abandon his lifelong Conservative vote.

"Last week, I voted in an advance poll for change," Perrin said in a statement sent to The Canadian Press.

"As a lifelong conservative I never thought that would happen. But after what I've personally seen and experienced, there was no other choice. The current government has lost its moral authority to govern."


Well, we've had plenty of evidence of former Progressive Conservatives switching to the Liberals after having had their fill of the Stephen Harper brand of conservatism.  So much evidence that James Bowden has complained frequently and asked for the channel to be changed.

So, let's try this one.  How will Conservative partisans explain away the fact that former Harper PMO lawyer Benjamin Perrin, a lifelong Conservative, says that Stephen Harper has lost the moral authority to govern.  Anybody with more insight into the workings of this PM and this PMO who wants to challenge Perrin's contention?  Or, perhaps someone would like to slander Perrin by calling him a closet Liberal or sociailst?

This one should give pause to any of you who have, until now, been willing to turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to the allegations about how this prime minister has operated.  Perrin has seen it first-hand - and, by the way, had a different recounting of who was in the room during talks on how to cover up the Duffy mess.  Anyone out there want to say Perrin's wrong?

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