To Mayor Jim Watson

To Mayor Jim Watson
Posted on May 17, 2013 | Gillian Pearlstone | Written on May 17, 2013
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

I was extremely upset by Jim Watson's decision to put Doug Thompson of Greely, Ontario in charge of a terrible wildlife policy and ignoring the meetings of interested and knowledgeable and compassionate people.

Dear Mayor Watson,

It is with profound sadness and disappointment that I write you this email.

Since you were voted in you have run the City of Ottawa with an iron fist. The LRT has had little public consultation and when you did come up with a preferred route it was a disaster.

Your wildlife policy has been given over to the wildlife killers who cannot be bothered to look for a well-rounded solution which is good for the wildlife and the public who encounter it. You didn't even bother listening to those who sat around waiting for you for three years. You wasted everyone's well-intentioned and valuable time.

Lansdowne Park, a major and valuable public landmark in Ottawa and yet another fiasco given to yet another developer without any democratic input.

You let the developers run our city regardless of the zoning restrictions in place. Parking has been a disaster - money in lieu of parking spaces for new developments. Developments that rise to the sky where there are city height restrictions in place - the restrictions ignored or re-zoned.

Votes and discussions in secret and the citizens find out when everything has been done and dusted.

You run an autocracy - and for one whose platform was open and democratic government - what a joke.

Needless to say come election time you will not be receiving my vote. It will be 'anyone but Watson'.

G. Pearlstone

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Not yet. It was sent yesterday. May 16th 2013

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