Smiths Falls, I Hardly Knew Ye

Smiths Falls, I Hardly Knew Ye
Posted on January 28, 2019 | Vicky Murray | Written on January 28, 2019
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Sensational Smiths Falls, bustling population of almost 9000 residents, situated on the Rideau Canal which runs through the town with it's four seperate locks.
It's history stretches as far back as 1854 when it was incorporated as a Village, making it home to many national historic sites.

The breathtaking walks, eclectic shops, and historical beauty, Smiths Falls practically breeds entreprenuers with how many amazing local "mom & pop" eateries, apparel, and just about anything else you'd need, shops there are.
With all the beauty to be taken in, history to be learned, and places to shop.. what could possibly be keeping this town from thriving instead of just surviving?

Poverty & corruption.

Misrepresentation of power runs rampant, ask anyone who's had to deal with an issue being brought to the attention of our local mayor or had to use our local hospital, or any body of government that forsees keeping legalities within the town.

If you called the Health Department about any matter you would expect it to be taken seriously, not to fall on deaf ears allowing the law to continue being broken.
Perhaps you heard of the local mother being sued by Children's Aid of Lanark Leeds and Grenville for exposing massive negligence in protecting client data.
Maybe you're startled to learn the average income is $47,000 while the provincial rate stands at $72,000, or that there's a 19% Drop-out average in High Schoolers compared to the provincial average of 9%.  
You'd expect our elected officials to step-up and take control.. but we're currently rebattling which direction we can park again, after the issue was settled previous council term, so "we" thought.
We live in a town of 43% living at or below the poverty line, and nothing is being done to help those barely surviving, to start thriving.

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