What does the TPP mean for Canadians?

What does the TPP mean for Canadians?
Posted on October 16, 2015 | Karen Suykens | Written on October 16, 2015
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The TPP is going to cost hundreds of thousands of Canadian jobs from auto parts to the dairy industry.  The negative implications go far beyond that; too many to list. 

If in fact it will create jobs as Harper promises then why is he promising billions to so many sectors as compensation?  You compensate for job gains?  It is unlikely a cent will be distributed however if any is it will not go to people who lost their jobs, it will go to corporations. 

All of our farmers are at risk; wheat, dairy, chicken.  Our food will be raised by huge corporations, such as Nestle, in other countries that do not have the same standards as us for drug/antibiotic use, animal welfare (even worse than ours), hygiene and type of feed.  Our prices will rise and we will be poisoned even more for sake of corporate greed. 

The TPP is a death sentence for our economy and our health.

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