Canada may have reason to refuse Meng W. extradition

Canada may have reason to refuse Meng W. extradition
Posted on December 8, 2018 | Neil Thomson | Written on December 8, 2018
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

Information about Meng Wangzhou that is not widely known

Is Meng Wanzhou this century's Franz Ferdinand?

There are major questions (and consequences to Canada and the World) as to why the US is going after Meng personally vs. against the company, plus the timing of the arrest.

It's highly unusual that the US is going after an individual - in this case the daughter of Huawei's founder - vs. the company.

Given the timeline of the charges of sales to Iran (2010+ timeframe), it strongly suggests the investigation (only started in 2016) is motivated by Trump's trade war with China. More specifically the warrant for arrest was only approved Aug 22, 2018

This strongly suggests the US is effectively looking to arrest Meng as a hostage - with the ransom being China agreeing to US demands on trade.

This would be consistent with the recent US outright ban on ZTC - which is actually owned by the China Gov't vs. Huawei which is "public" - which was forgiven in exchange for a massive fine.

What I learned this week from someone who attended an event at the Kanata Huawei office is that Meng was at the Kanata Huawei branch in 2018, quite possibly after Aug 22 which begs the question of why the US didn't request Canada arrest her during that visit.

If the visit after Aug 22 is true, then the US timing of the request for arrest for extraction doesn't pass the smell test and the Canadian Gov't should consider this as an unsupportable extradition - as it's politically motivated.

I would strongly suggest the Canadian Gov’t contact Huawei as to the timing of Meng’s visit to Kanata

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