This is how Justin Trudeau Wins in The Niqab Question

This is how Justin Trudeau Wins in The Niqab Question
Posted on October 14, 2015 | Yasser Harrak | Written on October 14, 2015
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

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Stephen Harper promises a law prohibiting women wearing Niqab from working in public service. Thomas Mulcair told the media that he is not comfortable to see women wearing Niqab. Justin Trudeau finds the question of Niqab to be a non-issue. Studying the Islamicate culture related to observing Niqab shows something different than what Mr. Harper has -deliberately or not- shown so far. Mr. Mulcair did not seem to have done his due diligent work before expressing his position on an issue that is not an issue.

Can you imagine a political party putting forward a bill to prohibit alien creatures from applying for welfare? It cannot be imaginable because  in order to make such law an alien creature must exist among us, be declared as person, and be declared as resident citizen of one of the provinces and territories. Therefore, given the absence of the conditions that make the debate legitimate, the question becomes a non-issue.

Similarly, Mr. Harper is trying to prohibit women wearing Niqab from working while hiding from the voters the very truth that women observing Niqab are not allowed in their Islamicate school of thought to work in public. What is the point of prohibiting the prohibited Mr. Harper? Do you really think that the voters live in the pre-Internet era?

Here is what voters can access easily by running a search about women in Salafi Islam:

1- A woman cannot leave home except for a religiously legitimate need and with the permission of her husband or male guardian. This view of Ibn Taymiya can be found in his famous book (Majmu-u- Al-Fatawi, Vol 281, Page 32).

2- A woman cannot be surrounded by male strangers - not from her immediate family whom she is prohibited to marry -. This is the view of Ibn Al-Laham (Al Fawaaed Wa Al Qawa-eid Al Usuliya, Page 93).

Mr. Harper's attempt to prohibit the prohibited comes from his incompetence as prime minister. It is normal that not every Canadian has studied comparative religions. What is not normal is to find a ruling party fooling the hard working tax payers with a non-issue subject matter.

Knowing that women observing Niqab are not allowed in their tradition to work and that people in Canada are free to wear what they want, Mr. Mulcair's comment about being uncomfortable to see people wearing what they want comes back to hunt him. Although -as citizen- you are free to express being uncomfortable with different social phenomena, as a representational leader you are not. A leader in Canada that says (s)he is not comfortable to see people in their own private and personal lifestyle lacks the spirit of true leadership

In this so-called debate, Mr. Trudeau has demonstrated that he has a strong academic background understanding different social phenomena and identifying the border line between what is personal and what is public. He has also demonstrated a representational leadership spirit that other major political opponents lack.

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