How Do You Solve a Problem Like Jim Watson

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Jim Watson
Posted on May 9, 2013 | Mitch Brisebois | Written on May 9, 2013
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Ottawa's teflon Mayor may have crossed the line when he walked a motion to limit city taxes to 2% (plus or minus a few billion$). The media is hitting back. Only councillor David Chernushenko had the guts to stand up to the mayor calling the move purely political.

We all know the mayor has never stopped campaigning since getting elected. With this insulting move he's stepped up his 2014 election game.

The Bulldog Ken Gray coined it right: Jim Watson is the problem.

James O'Grady added to that truth.

So the talk now on social media - who's going to challenge the emperor? Perry Marleau has already declared his intention to run. He ran in 2010 on a Lansdowne referendum.

Who else is a contender.

Since Jim Watson wants to start the game early - let's go. THE PROBLEM IS JIM WATSON.

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I completely agree with this article, how has Watson snowed so many people? he only shows up for smiley photo ops. but when a car falls into a sink hole in the 174 he stays far away, doesnt even make a comment, what kind of leadership is that. we get the government we deserve and if people keep voting for this clown, I am going to move.

Its frustrating, I agree. One of the reasons I created Unpublished Ottawa is to encourage people to get more involved in our electoral systems by expressing their ideas and opinions through different forms of media. Many find it difficult to contribute, but there are still some avenues open to us, like making a persuasive argument through a letter.

Nevertheless, until a majority of Ottawa residents participate actively in municipal affairs, it will be difficult to elect a Mayor who truly represents the will of the people.