Municipal Elections 2018 in Ottawa

Municipal Elections 2018 in Ottawa
Posted on August 4, 2018 | Kim Sheldrick | Written on August 4, 2018
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Well the slate of candidates for the Ottawa Municipal Election in October 2018 is now set. I am proud to say I have submitted my name to again run for Councillor in Osgoode Ward 20.

Please don't get me wrong, I do not have issues with the Incumbent. To me, submitting nomination papers should not be personal in that you make it about the incumbent or other candidates. The focus should be on the residents of both your ward, and the city as a whole.

While my platform will not be released until next week, I can state a few issues I will stand for


-Homelessness, poverty, addiction/harm reduction, and mental health ( I list these together as they are intertwined)

-Social housing

-Small businesses

-Smart environmentalism

-Preserving rural life

Please stay tuned for more details about my platform, events I will be hosting, and more about my campaign.

Information can be found on twitter @Kim4Councillor

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or by email

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