Four political parties. One digital future.

Four political parties. One digital future.
Posted on October 9, 2015 | Open Media | Written on October 9, 2015
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We have assessed how the parties’ plans measure up to the policy priorities you told us mattered most. Click here to see how they scored - you might be surprised!

James, as one of our most highly engaged supporters, you know that this election our digital future is on the line.

Years of failed policies have left Canadians falling behind our global counterparts on Internet access and affordability,1 and facing reckless spying legislation,2 telecom price-gouging,3 and secretive Internet censorship deals.4

At OpenMedia, we believe people can build a more connected and collaborative world through an Internet that is open, affordable, and surveillance-free. That’s why we worked with leading experts and over 250,000 people like you on our crowdsourced pro-Internet action plan.5

Check out how the parties did on the issues we crowdsourced from you, including affordable access, ending mass surveillance, and the right to free expression online.


Now, as a post-partisan organization, we won’t be endorsing any party or candidate – we believe you’re best positioned to decide where to put your vote.

But our crowdsourced report card will help you assess where the parties in your riding stand on these crucial issues. And you can use these polling averages from the experts at to see which pro-digital rights candidate is doing the best in your riding.

At the end of the day, this crowdsourced report card is our best assessment of where the parties stand – and creating it would never have been possible without you.

Now, it’s time to stop reading this email, and find out which parties fare best when it comes to our Internet freedom. We think you’ll find the answer surprising.

Thanks for standing with us,

David on behalf of your OpenMedia team

P.S. It’s been the longest election in Canadian history, but there are now less than 2 weeks before polling day on Monday October 19. You can also save time by voting early in the advance polls open from Friday October 9 to Monday October 11. For more information on advance voting, check out Elections Canada’s website.


[1] CRTC 2015-134: Submission of Ellis & Winseck. Source: Canadian Media Concentration Project
[2] Everything you always wanted to know about Bill C-51. Source: CIPPIC, OpenMedia, and the CJFE
[3] Telecom bills are rising rapidly: Government report confirms that cell phone cost increases are running at three times the rate of inflation. Source
[4] Critics raise data privacy concerns in Trans-Pacific Partnership. Source: CBC News
[5] Check out our crowdsourced action plan:

We are an award-winning network of people and organizations working to safeguard the possibilities of the open Internet. We work toward informed and participatory digital policy.
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