Public Consultation on the Proposed Special Events By-law, May 2, 2013

Public Consultation on the Proposed Special Events By-law, May 2, 2013
Posted on May 1, 2013 | Manotick Village Community Association | Written on April 30, 2013


City of Ottawa

Author's Note:

Author's Note:

The following letter is an email I sent to Jill Merkely at Ottawa City Hall in response to the news that there will be a Public Consultation on the proposed 'Special Events By-law', taking place tomorrow evening, May 2, 2013, in the Chamber at Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centrepointe Drive. If you're not watching the Sens game, please come out and comment as the new proposed bylaw will have a detrimental effect on communities' ability to hold outdoor public events.

For more information about this public consultation and the bylaw that is being replaced, please visit:

Klaus Beltzner

Dear Jill,

What will be important for your audience to hear is the following:

1. The specific changes that are proposed in this by-law that are not in the current by-law and factors motivating these changes. (A para by para comparison in an annex would be a useful reference.)

For example, it seems one important change is that this by-law applies to ALL outdoor events within City boundaries regardless of location and whether held on city or private property, whereas the current by-law only applies to events held on city streets (Special Events on City Streets By-law No. 2001 - 260).

2. The alternatives Staff have considered to address shortfalls in the current by-law, and the evidence that the proposed new provisions best address the perceived shortfalls of the existing by-law.

3. The City's evidence that this new by-law will promote a healthy and active City, a creative City rich in heritage and unique identity - as a key objective of the proposed by-law.

4. The City's evidence that this proposed by-law is absolutely necessary to avoid or reduce incidents that puts at risk the health and safety and well-being of persons, and the protection of persons and property.

You can talk about the review done to ensure that there are no federal laws, provincial laws or by-laws that provide authorities with the powers needed to accomplish the objectives served by the additional new provisions in this proposed by-law.

5. The City realizes that this new by-law may discourage community events and activities because they are no longer affordable in terms of volunteer time, effort and financial resources.

For the rural Village of Manotick, and for much of rural Ottawa,  this will likely spell the end to many if not most outdoor community events as these are organized by a small dedicated groups of rural volunteers with very limited budget or no budget. For most community groups there is no money to pay for additional liability insurance, police, fire, paramedic, and by-law enforcement services determined by the City as being now required to hold events in City parks, fair grounds and heritage spaces (eg Dickinson Square).

For rural Ottawa the writing is on the wall - the outdoors community events tradition, including fairs in rural Ottawa, will likely come to an end as a result of this proposed by-law.

Klaus Beltzner,  President
Manotick Village and Community Association


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I agree Klaus. This is just more red tape that serves the interests of Staff rather than the public. Its unnecessary.