The Secret NDP Job Killing Tax Hike They Didn’t Want You to Know About

The Secret NDP Job Killing Tax Hike They Didn’t Want You to Know About
Posted on May 31, 2018 | Ontario Liberal Party | Written on May 31, 2018
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Author's Note:

Ottawa businesses face almost 30% business tax increase

OTTAWA—Tucked away in the fine print of the NDP platform is a plan to raise business property taxes by more than $1 billion. In Ottawa businesses are staring down a tax increase of 29% that will be levied whether they are profitable or not.

“This NDP tax hike will make it harder for any Ontario business that owns property to grow, hire or even survive” said Ontario Liberal Candidate Bob Chiarelli. “They like to talk about their corporate tax increases but when it comes to the burden they plan to place on Ottawa’s small business it is silence.”

A $1 million property owes $10,800 in property taxes annually. This NDP job killing tax hike would represent a $3100 increase, regardless of if the business is profitable, struggling or operating in an economically-disadvantaged community.

The Business Education Property Tax is a patchwork of rates frozen since Mike Harris took education taxing powers from school boards. Liberals invested $200 million annually to reduce the highest business property tax rates. (Source: Ontario Budget 2012.)

“None of this money would go to schools. Not one dollar more for education in the NDP platform,” continued Bob Chiarelli. “Under the NDP, business property taxes will go up, small business will feel the pressure and jobs will be at risk. Under the Liberals, they go down.”



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