They want to sweep this under the carpet

They want to sweep this under the carpet
Posted on May 25, 2015 | Open Media | Written on May 25, 2015
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The most powerful ideas come from everyday Canadians.

And we saw that again this week: our crowdsourced pro-privacy action plan, shaped by over 125,000 of you, made a big splash and prompted senior decision-makers and the federal Privacy Commissioner to speak out in support.1

Now that Canadians have created the solution to our privacy deficit, we need to make sure politicians in Ottawa can’t ignore it. Send our plan to your Senators today, before their crucial final vote on reckless anti-privacy Bill C-51.

This plan was tirelessly researched with the help of leading privacy and legal experts – but the bottom line is that it would never have happened without you, and our small team couldn’t be more grateful.

Right now, we’re pushing back and winning.

Already 15 Senators have said they’ll stop Bill C-51 thanks to pressure from you. That’s the power of our positive crowdsourced alternative – it is impossible for the government to pretend their top-down approach represents Canadians. So send them a message now.

But we know this government want nothing more than to sweep our action plan under the carpet.

Their terrible track record on privacy2 has left all Canadians vulnerable to spying and hacking – and just days ago the government’s spy agency was caught hacking into mobile web browsers, and even attacking popular mobile App Stores.3

And under reckless, dangerous, and ineffective Bill C-51, things are about to get worse… much worse. Now is the time to act.

Experts say this Bill would shred our democratic rights, censor free expression, and see the private information of law-abiding Canadians handed to spy agencies and foreign governments, with devastating consequences for their personal lives.4

We need to fight back against Bill C-51 by pushing this positive plan we wrote together. The final vote could be within days - send our plan to your Senators right now.

Don’t let Senators ignore us - send them our positive alternative to out-of-control spying and Bill C-51 today.

Let’s keep speaking up, Canada!

David, on behalf of your OpenMedia team

P.S. Our crowdsourced privacy plan is just the beginning. We need to keep up this fight for as long as it takes to restore our privacy rights. And to do that, we’re going to need your support.Can you chip in a few dollars today so we can reach as many people as possible?



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