Health Canada’s Launches sugar, salt, fat symbol. But what about the 5 toxins in our Food?

Health Canada’s Launches sugar, salt, fat symbol. But what about the 5 toxins in our Food?
Posted on February 10, 2018 | Ken Billings | Written on February 10, 2018
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Canadian Council on Food Safety and Health

Author's Note:

Author's Note:

Went to the Health Canada Press Release at the Parkdale Food Bank in Ottawa on February 9th, 2018. There were actually more press than NGO's. Minister of Health, Ginette Petitpas Taylor was launching a new labeling campaign. I asked the Minister a question about why are the 4 toxins banned in Europe for decades, not being addressed by Health Canada and are there any plans to do so. She did not answer the question.

Feb. 9th, 2018

The Minister of Health, Ginette Petitpas Taylor, today announced that Health Canada will launch consultations on regulations for a new front-of-package symbol on food. This is part of Health Canada’s eating strategy.

The irony is, that these items (salt, sugar and fat) are already on the label for food packaging and include the percentages contained in that food. So what is going on here?

What is not labeled, are 5 toxins in our food which are: Hormones, Antibiotics, Slaughterhouse waste fed to farm animals, GMO’s(glyphosate) and pesticides. All but pesticides have been banned in Europe for decades.

STAND UP – For Food Safety – This 4-minute doc urges citizens to mobilize, ban contaminants in our food supply and take back the food system. Produced by The Canadian Council on Food Sovereignty and Health. A food advocacy group campaigning and organizing for sustainable agriculture and an organic food system. The Council promotes a ban on toxins currently permitted in our food supply. Thanks to industry self-regulation hormones, antibiotics, slaughterhouse waste, pesticides & GMOs continue to be approved by Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency – contrary to the Food and Drugs Act!

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