Social Political Satire - What are the risks?

Social Political Satire - What are the risks?
Posted on April 17, 2013 | Mitch Brisebois | Written on April 17, 2013
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Ages ago when I was just 12, Dave Brown wrote a column about me and my friends on a CARE cause we were on. This was for the Ottawa Journal. Accompanying the column was an editorial cartoon. I loved it. Dave was gracious in giving us a tour of the newsroom, and the cartoonist gave me the original drawing.

Fast forward to the current political state that the city of Ottawa finds itself in. Social media has allowed a lot of people to comment on the current politic.

I tweet for the South March Highlands & Carp River Coalition. The issues relating to the destruction of this forest parallel the issues facing many Ottawa communities. The loss of heritage, parkland, quality of life has been significant.

In the "Bulldog's" world of journalism, OPEDs were protected against vengeful lawsuits. Today, many citizen advocates face the threat of SLAPP suits (Strategic lawsuit against public participation).

The threat is real. It's affected how people apply for Access to Information without being named (a recent Citizen story).

We'd like to ask the mayor of Ottawa what his position is on freedom of speech? (BTW- he's blocked us on Twitter and Facebook).

Here's a favorite pic (my Photoshop version of a political cartoon) with two "folks" discussing where to put the Casino...

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Sometimes I tweet for the South March Highlands / Carp River Coalition @SouthMarch


Jane Daly

I would make a comment, but I'm too afraid...

Don't be Jane. The more people speak up the more they will realize that there is no danger to expressing one's opinions. Its a natural part of life. I built this site so people can express themselves freely, free of any interference or pressure. I hope you will reconsider.

Thank you for sharing.