ISIS Recruiter Working for Harper

ISIS Recruiter Working for Harper
Posted on March 21, 2015 | Yasser Harrak | Written on March 21, 2015
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

Ottawa Citizen published an article confirming that there are reports linking Islamic State recruiters to Canadian Embassy in Jordan

The federal government is refusing to comment on several media reports in Turkey that a foreign spy, allegedly working for Canadian intelligence, is implicated in recruiting fighters in favor of the international terrorist group named ISIS. The suspect was arrested in Turkey and charged for helping three young British girls travel to Syria to join Islamic State militants. The terror suspect confessed that he is working directly with the Canadian embassy in the Jordanian capital Amman. Canada’s ambassador to Jordan is Bruno Saccomani, the former RCMP officer who was in charge of Harper’s security detail until the prime minister appointed him almost two years ago as the envoy to Amman. Until recently, Stephen Harper's support of ISIS and Al-Nusra was believed to be indirect for the lack of hard evidence. With the confessions of the suspect detained by the authorities of a NATO member state, questioning the trust in the Conservative Party to govern this country becomes an urgent matter.

In previous articles, we discussed the conservatives' indirect involvement in helping ISIS. The commitment to support the Saudi radical regime with arms is one of them considering that the Saudis were arming ISIS at the same time they were being armed by the conservatives.  Vice President of the German Parliament (Bundestag) Claudia Roth put forward the demand in an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag for the reconsideration of Germany’s arms exports to Saudi Arabia, describing the monarchy as the leading exporter of terrorism in the Middle East. She added that “a large portion” of extremist militants in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq are supported by Saudi Arabia.[1] Sweden, in its turn, has ended a military deal with Saudi Arabia over human rights issues. The break comes after the Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström was prevented from making a speech at an Arab League meeting where she could address human rights issues in the "radical" kingdom. [2] These new developments can be added to past-recorded statements by the US Vice President Joe Biden incriminating Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey in supporting ISIS and Al-Nusra with cash and arms. Amidst all this, Canadian citizens were expecting immediate action by the government to take corrective measures in foreign policy issues in a way that represents Canadian values. Instead, they come to learn that Stephen Harper is playing a dirty corporate game using allegedly the country's diplomatic facilities to recruit ISIS fighters.

There are serious issues with Stephen Harper's team and ideology that do not represent immediate threat to the security of Canada. Issues such as having Jason Kenney harboring hate speech in his Facebook page and fabricating stories in his tweets. The last of which was his image post that he said  is showing ISIS enslaving women. That image was found to be taken from a ceremony where Shia Muslims commemorate an event that happened some 1400 years ago where the grand daughters of Prophet Muhammad were taken captive by the Umayyad Empire, and were forced to travel in chains from Iraq to Syria. There are indeed issues with Stephen Harper's team and ideology where the human beings can only be seen as "brownies" or "whities"- as put forward by John Williamson-. Deception is another issue with the conservatives and  Chris Alexander embedded the picture of that deception. He lied in a letter with the intention  to confuse his supporters between Hijab and Niqab ; starting it denouncing Niqab and ending it denouncing Hijab. The conservative team's worrisome issues go on with their arrogance and supremacist behavior. If you do not agree with their world view you can "stay the hell where you come from" as the conservative MP Larry Miller puts it, ignoring -perhaps for the lack of education-  that most native Canadians do not share the world view of the Conservative Party of Canada. Although all these behavioral and ideological issues are serious, one can say that they do not pose  immediate threat to Canadians. What poses  immediate threat to Canadians is the involvement of Stephen Harper's government in recruiting terrorists using Canadian diplomatic missions. By doing so, Harper has put our embassies and consulates around the world under immediate terrorist threat. The embassy that deals with terrorist recruiters risks a great security breach at the staff level. Canadians citizens are now under eminent terrorist threat especially if a deal between the recruiters and the conservatives is gone bad. The involvement of the conservative government with ISIS creates a panic wave among innocent Canadians who deserve to live freely in peace, and not to be forced to choose between freedom and security.

Reviewing ordinary citizens opinions in the social media, it is clear that a large number of Canadians do not trust the conservatives anymore. After the ISIS embassy connection scandal, different questions have surfaced. Some have suggested that the conservatives are an active recruiter not only for ISIS using our embassy in Jordan, but also for the terrorist group Boko Haram operating in Nigeria, a country that competes with the oil companies that supported the conservatives in previous elections. This shows how much Canadians now distrust the conservative government. A government that became a source of division, fear and perhaps terror rather than unity, freedom and peace. One citizen went farther by tweeting: "are we close to see terrorist planes attacking the CN tower in our own inside job?"


[1] Welt am Sonntag, March 8,2015

[2] Die Welt, March 10,2015

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