Coping with feelings of frustration and rejection

Coping with feelings of frustration and rejection
Posted on March 20, 2015 | David Stein | Written on March 20, 2015
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We all have those days or sometimes weeks when a black cloud seems to follow us around and rain all over our parade. As business people and human beings how do we cope when it seems the world is conspiring against us? There is no simple answer but I will share with you what I feel and do when things aren’t going great.

The first thing I do is examine my behavior and actions to make certain I am not bringing misery down on myself by not being prepared or not treating my customers as my top priority. If upon examination that is not the case I then reach out to my trusted advisors and friends to share my feelings or doom and gloom and get their feedback about what I am experiencing. Often they can see the forest for the trees and come up with a simple remedy or solution I had not considered. If this were to go on for an extended period without resolution I might consider the option of seeking professional help. The majority of us deal with some form of depression from time to time, it is not surprising with the rapid and pressure-filled existence many of us live out each day.

Many of us have a tendency to beat ourselves up over things that we have no control over. It is the ability to recognize that and forgive ourselves that offers us the ability to live a life which is more fulfilling. It has taken me years to learn to deal with rejection and failure. I try really hard not to take it personally. By reading books and articles about some really successful people who overcame tremendous odds and many failures before they achieved their fame I don’t feel so isolated and overcome by fear. Try to smile and laugh at something funny it might help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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