Denley misses mark in criticism of City’s draft 'Wildlife Protection During Construction' Protocol

Denley misses mark in criticism of City’s draft 'Wildlife Protection During Construction' Protocol
Posted on February 28, 2015 | Donna DuBreuil | Written on February 21, 2015
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Randall Denley misses the mark in his criticism of the City’s draft Wildlife Protection During Construction Protocol.
The lack of wildlife planning in new developments might not be costing developers anything but it is sure costing homeowners.  Our Centre recommended a protocol to the former Regional Government of Ottawa-Carleton. We did so because a large number of the 8,000-10,000 callers to the Centre’s hotline each year reported they had not experienced any problem with wildlife until a new development had eliminated natural habitat in their neighbourhood. Many were sympathetic to the plight of the animals forced onto their property and were frustrated that better planning hadn’t prevented this.
At the same time, construction workers brought us orphaned and injured animals, some telling horrific stories of the impact on animals during the stripping, digging and moving of earth and the felling of trees.
Large development projects are years in the works.  Surely it’s not too much to ask that developers choose a time during that lengthy process for clearing vegetation and cutting down trees that reduces the chances of killing wildlife during bitterly cold winters or creating orphans during the birthing season.
The draft Protocol is a sensible one that will not only reduce harm to wildlife but will assist homeowners with information that will reduce wildlife conflicts, saving them money.
Some believe the recommendations don’t go far enough but we believe they will be widely embraced by a compassionate public and a development industry that does not want to intentionally harm wildlife.  
Donna DuBreuil
Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre

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