Joe Biden Explains How the Conservatives Helped ISIS and Lied About Syria

Joe Biden Explains How the Conservatives Helped ISIS and Lied About Syria
Posted on February 17, 2015 | Yasser Harrak | Written on February 17, 2015
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

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The Conservative Party of Canada has signed the longest weapons contract in Canada’s history with the Saudi regime described as a serial human rights violator. The conservatives’ performance in the efforts to internationalize democracy and defend human rights globally worth a failing mark. They went as far as befriending tyrants - such as the king of Bahrain - and closing their eyes on war criminals - such as the Sudanese president - making the diplomacy and the security of Canada at stake and in the service of multinational corporations. The cooperation between the Conservative Party of Canada and the supporters of international terrorism may be hard to believe. Yet, when the US vice president Joe Biden makes incriminating statements regarding the friends of the Conservative Party of Canada, it becomes obvious for the hard working Canadians that their country is going in the wrong direction under the conservatives.

In a recorded video, the US Vise President Joe Biden revealed several shocking facts.[1]  Here are some of those facts along with legitimate comments.

  1. Joe Biden said that Turkey (Under the rule of Erdogan’s Muslim Brotherhood party), the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia were so determined to take down the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad to wage a proxy Sunni Muslim vs Shia Muslim war.  This is not a journalistic leak of information. These are remarks delivered by the Vice President of the United States of America on foreign policy, in an event organized by the institute of politics in the prestigious Harvard University. So knowing that the cause of war in Syria was to please the oil rich allies and some states neighboring Syria, we find the conservatives implicated in lying to Canadians about the true motives of war in Syria. They are also responsible for participating in the destabilization of Syria that led to the rise of ISIS.
  2. He added that Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have poured tens of millions of dollars and thousands of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad. Except that the people who were being supplied were Al Nusra (Listed as an international terrorist group), Al Qaeda and the extremist Jihadi elements coming from other parts of the world. Biden faces those who think he was exaggerating with this question:” where did all of this go?” This remark establishes a direct link between Saudi Arabia –being the best friend of the Conservative Party of Canada in the region- and radical Islamist fractions fighting to topple Al Assad’s regime especially ISIS. Mr. Biden did not say the word ISIS, but he did identify ISIS by description when he said: ”extremist Jihadi elements coming from other parts of the world”. ISIS is nothing but that description.
  3. Mr. Biden said that now Saudi Arabia stopped the funding, Qatar has stopped the support of the most extreme elements of the terrorist organization, and the Turkish prime minister realized that they let too many people (or terrorists to be precise) into Syria. What this means is that the conservatives have been not only working hand in hand with countries that supported ISIS, but also rewarded them. The Saudis got away with the longest weapon’s deals, the Qataris and Emiratis  -who tried hard to take International Civil Aviation Organization’s headquarter from Montreal to Doha – were rewarded with direct flights to Canada.  The countries that  waged  a war against  the Canadian telecommunication and wireless equipment company known as Blackberry  and  made many Canadians lose their jobs have indeed been rewarded by the Conservative Party of Canada.

These three points are essential to finds answers to many important questions. The Globe and Mail reported that The Canadian government is refusing to say whether it obtained assurances that light armored vehicles, sold to Saudi Arabia in a massive $15-billion deal, would not be used against the Saudi people.[2] If you are asking why, the answer is that this arms deal with Saudi Arabia needs to be shrouded in secrecy because asking for guarantees that Canadian arms are not used against the civilians in Saudi Arabia requires some form of equipment tracing. If the arms are traceable, the conservatives fear to find them in hands of ISIS. There are about 33 ISIS weapons known to have come from several countries, yet, it is confirmed that the origin of a number of military equipment used by ISIS including armored vehicles remain largely unknown.[3]

The ruling Conservative Party of Canada under the “strong” leadership of Stephen Harper did not only help ISIS through Saudi Arabia, but also by providing the Syrian rebels with the technology and the equipment that were subsequently used to document some of the most barbaric acts against the human being ever committed. According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Canada has given $5.3-million to the Syrian opposition to support the rebels in anti-government propaganda since April 2012. The said goal was to establish a pirate radio network and training for journalists and bloggers. The conservatives offered pre-paid airtime for satellite Internet communication devices with the -said - goal of increasing co-ordination between opposition networks of local civilian actors.[4] The Syrian opposition groups engaged in a war between themselves that ended with the victory of Islamist terrorist organizations, mainly Al Nusra and ISIS. As the conservatives cannot trace back their communications equipment, it is fair to say that Canadian equipment ended in the hands of ISIS. It is so sad to see the beheading of Christians, Shia Muslims, Yazidis and the burning of the human being alive being broadcasted using Canadian technology. ISIS is known of broadcasting quality horror videos, and only the conservatives of Canada are known to have provided the equipment.

The conservatives have lied to Canadians about everything related to the Syrian conflict. They engaged in supporting regimes that Mr. Biden said have just recently stopped financing international terrorism. Canada under the rule of the conservatives is becoming less and less recognizable.


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