Who will Lisa McLoed back when she moves to federal politics

Who will Lisa McLoed back when she moves to federal politics
Posted on February 6, 2015 | Guy Annable | Written on February 6, 2015
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I have been pondering since the 10 Pm Monday night when the rumor mill swirled about Rusty Riding into the Political Sunset of politics. What would happen in a very busy week if your a conservative in this Province but more importantly a conservative in Nepean. Tomorrow at 11 am Lisa will announce from her office that she wants to come back to a place she has been rightfully deserving for years. A place where she first started in politics and learned much about what she will now no doubtfully return with in the next federal election for the new Riding of Nepean. But Lisa has a hard decision to make on the eve of her shift to the hill and Porter Airlines will lose one of their great ambassadors. Lisa has worked with Christine Eliot through the hard times, because that is all Conservatives in Ontario have seen since Ernie Eves won the leadership instead of Jim Flaherty in 2003 and changed the course of this province forever. But that for another day.

Lisa now has to look forward to her future on the Hill and the job ahead, while not forgetting the past that has defined her strong voice her constant excellent dissent towards the failed Liberal policies from the green energy act to the multiple targets that the Liberals have presented in their reign of error in the province for over a decade..... but that too is for another generation to pay for.

Now Lisa has a choice to make, do I tell the people that have been faithful to her for years to Vote TORONTO, with Christine Elliott, or say, We need a change in Ontario from the same old same old....and Patrick Brown is the candidate I support. This is a huge decision for Lisa, with the Federal backing that Patrick Brown has in his tireless touring of Province and his relentless day to day campaigning that he has performed with complete precision over the last 5 months. Or do I roll over to a party that needs a change and go with “The same old Same Old”. Like that Fateful night in 2002 when Jim h made on of the best speeches I have ever Heard in my life without exception, some times the chosen one is not the right one. I hope she exits with the vision that the party she is leaving DOES NEED TO CHANGE.... but what a decision..... do I back where I have been.....or do I back where I am going..... Good luck in your decision Lisa we all wish you the best, as you are our fighter.

Guy Annable

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