Harper's Efforts Helping Terrorism in Libya

Harper's Efforts Helping Terrorism in Libya
Posted on February 4, 2015 | Yasser Harrak | Written on February 4, 2015
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

The image shows radical fighters celebrating territorial  gains at a time Mr. Harper expressed his satisfaction with the mission in Libya that left an estimated 30.000 dead ,  50.000 injured and 4000 missing.

Stephen Harper succeeded to a certain extent in painting his image as a civilized strong leader fighting a just war against evil. He and his party icons have created and propagated a new definition of good and evil where the good is simply to blindly follow Stephen Harper's madness. The Libyan tragedy, where Stephen Harper acted actively burning the taxpayers dollars in favor of groups linked to Al Qaeda, proves that the conservatives are not fighting terrorism seriously. In fact, they have assisted terrorist groups by overthrowing the governments they do not like.

Harper's lie started when he said, in March 2011, that "Canada will fight to protect Libyan civilians".[1] The Qaddafi dictatorship in Libya was not the best regime you can have in Africa, but certainly not the worst. The regime was secular, and the citizens under Qaddafi enjoyed guaranteed education, healthcare, housing and food. I even once met a Libyan student in Concordia University who told me that his government paid his travel ticket, his apartment downtown Montreal, his tuitions and fees and his living expenses in return of passing grades. I met Palestinians and others from central African countries that the Libyan government helped with study bursaries. We are talking about a country that used to send its ill citizens by helicopters and planes to Tunisia and Italy for hospitalization. Harper and other leaders manipulated by the oil MNCs certainly did not like Qaddafi's gold-for-oil plans. Now that the central government was brought down in Tunisia at the start of the so called "Arab Spring", Harper and his co-conspirators backed the radical Islamist led insurgency.

Under the conservatives, the Royal Canadian Air Force deployed seven (six front line, one reserve) CF-18 fighter jets, two CC-150 Polaris refueling airplanes, two CC-177 Globemaster III heavy transports, two CC-130J Super Hercules tactical transports, and two CP-140 Aurora maritime patrol aircraft. The Royal Canadian Navy deployed the Halifax-class frigates HMCS Charlottetown and HMCS Vancouver. A total of 440 Canadian Forces personnel participated in Operation Mobile. There were reports that special operations were being conducted by Joint Task Force 2 in association with Britain's Special Air Service (SAS) and Special Boat Service (SBS) as part of Canada's contribution.[2] The mission in Libya ended up costing Canadians $347M.[3]

Stephane Harper's plan to protect Libyan citizens was soon discovered to be a plan to destroy a country and cause an endless civil war. At least 30,000 people were killed and 50,000 wounded in the first 6 months of Libya's ongoing civil war, in addition to 4000 missing.[4]  Today, there is shortage of food, potable water and energy in a country that was among the largest oil exporters in the world. Libyan citizens are killed on a daily basis and terrorist groups control large parts of the country. Under the Qaddafi rule, there were no illegal Libyan immigrants, today, - thanks to Harper and his co-conspirators - Libyans attempt by the thousands to flee their country on the death boats. Most of them do not make it to the shores of Italy. We have seen many YouTube videos where the terrorists that Harper helped to topple Qaddafi execute citizens without due process in public. We have seen Christian tombs destroyed in Libya by the terrorists, and the Sufi shrines and historical monuments burned down and destroyed. Today, even Stephen Harper can not disagree with me that he and his co-conspirators made Libya a safe haven for terrorism. The government of Canada until today is maintaining a travel warning with regards to Lybia that says :" Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada advises against all travel to Libya due to the fragile and unpredictable political situation and the threat of terrorism in the region". [5]

The Harper's intervention in Libya shows us that he lied when he said he is protecting the Libyan citizens. One does not protect a dozen protestors by killing and injuring tens of thousands and destroying the infrastructures and the institutions of a country. Harper has contributed in assisting Al Qaeda and ISIS linked terrorist groups to gain control of vast territories in Libya.  Mr. Harper's anti-terrorism speeches and bills are nothing but an escape from a shameful involvement in the rise of international terrorism. It is not clear yet that Mr. Harper helps the terrorists directly or willingly. Nevertheless, it is clear that his actions to protect the interests of the energy giants helped the terrorists. It is not a coincidence that once the oil wells were under control, the mission to protect the Libyan citizens ended. The conservatives, therefore, used the money taken from our veterans, public institutions, arts and culture  to promote private interests and make Libya a failed state and a safe haven for terrorism. Hilary Clinton stated once that her country created Al Qaeda.  Some concerned citizens wonder if they will soon see a Canadian official say  that the conservatives made the best country in the world play a role in creating ISIS?


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