Nepean independent candidate Harry Splett releases platform

Nepean independent candidate Harry Splett releases platform
Posted on September 30, 2015 | Harry Splett | Written on September 30, 2015
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

Athorized by the official agent for Harry Splett.

As a member of Parliament, I will take NO salary & no expensive office. I will endeavour to personally respond to all calls for advice and help, and I will bring forth a multitude of Private Members Bills to move issues like:

  • Propose referendums (on major issues)
  • Defend NO layoffs of Federal Employees to balance the budget
  • Reduce the Waste in promoting two languages

Also I will:

  1. Endeavour to get Federal funds for the Nations Capital to prevent sewage spills into the nearby Ottawa River!
  2. Force all Provinces to obey the Law with regard to equal payment out of Province in the Portability Clause of the National Health Act.
  3. Advocate for a resolution in The UN General Assembly to STOP the CARNAGE in Syria & adjacent areas
  4. Start a private fund to bring good refugees to Canada, at NO cost to them (we will get it back in taxes that they will pay, like the rest of us)
  5. Advocate for the elimination of the National Debt, over a 10 year period using the Bank of Canada (Apply the savings on interest for social support)
  6. On CRIME: Bring back a penalty for the CRIME of adultery and enforce the death penalty for killing a police officer. Also increase the penalties for distributing hard drugs
  7. Advocate for the creation of a COMMON North American Currency
  8. Urge Canadians to buy shares in Petro Canada until control is achieved then fix the price of CANADIAN oil & gasoline at a Can. fair market value
  9. ON TAXES: a. Remove the HST from gasoline & replace it with a fixed per litre tax. b. the Fed.Govt. get out of sales tax, Provinces out of Income Taxes, (NO Govt. should collect tax for another Govt--NO accoumtability)
  10. Last but not least, YOUR most important items - what are they? Please share them with me and voters by commenting on this post.

About The Author

Harry Splett is running as an Indpendent candidate in the new riding of Nepean in Ottawa in the 2015 Federal Election.

  • EDUCATION: High School; technical College; part University (Carleton)
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