Why I am running to be Ontario PC Leader

Why I am running to be Ontario PC Leader
Posted on November 9, 2014 | Lisa MacLeod | Written on November 9, 2014
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Dear Ontario residents,

I am running for the Ontario PC Leadership because I believe a strong Ontario needs a strong PC Party. As our next leader, I will restore pride in our Party and put a plan in place to rebuild our province. That will start with strengthening our Policy Advisory Committees and creating a digital opportunity for our members to connect. I will also give Caucus and the Party Executive a seat at the campaign table by appointing a campaign co-chair from each elected body. As Progressive Conservatives we have a rich history and a bright future. I will build on the successes we have had and avoid the mistakes of our failures.

For most of Canada’s history, Ontario was the economic powerhouse of confederation. People from across Canada and around the world chose to make Ontario their home because they could find good jobs and opportunity here. Ontario was the place where our children could receive the best education, where families could receive the best health care and where seniors could retire comfortably. During these times, a strong Ontario PC Party governed Ontario.

But in the last decade of Liberal rule, Ontario has fallen behind. It is harder to find a job  or start a successful business here. We have become a have-not province and we lag other provinces in economic growth. Ontario’s families, seniors and small business owners are finding it tougher than ever to make ends meet because of high hydro bills, increasing taxes and growing unemployment. I think it’s time Ontario became that place of opportunity again.

I believe Ontario will flourish under a PC government. But we have work to do. I am prepared to do the heavy lifting, and I have the track record to do it- I have been elected four times in a major urban centre- Ottawa- with among the highest vote totals in the province, I have held the most complex policy files at Queen’s Park- Revenue, Education, Energy and now Treasury Board and I am someone who chose to make Ontario my home. I love this province.

I believe as Progressive Conservatives we need to remember our accomplishments and I want us to be proud of our values. For example, it was the Ontario PC Party that built much or our modern day healthcare and education systems, we built roads, bridges and transit. As Progressive Conservatives the values we hold dear are no different from those that everyday Ontarians also cherish: living within our means, protecting the economy, preserving the environment, looking out for people who can’t look out for themselves and promoting diversity. We need to believe in ourselves and remember what unites us to take out a membership card-- when we do Ontario voters will believe in us too.‎

I believe our Party can bring opportunity and restore pride back to every part of Ontario.

If you believe, as I do, that the Ontario PC Party can be strong again and that together we can rebuild Ontario I ask for you support and your vote in our Party’s election for Leader. You can get a membership today online, on my website or by calling my campaign team at 1-844-MACLEOD.

Together, we can make Ontario the place you and your family deserve and want it to be. Together, we can Believe.

Lisa MacLeod


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Lisa MacLeod was first elected to the Ontario Legislature in a by-election in 2006. She has continued to represent the Nepean-Carleton riding after the 2007 and 2011 provincial elections.

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