Waterfront Ottawa - 40000 new jobs?

Waterfront Ottawa - 40000 new jobs?
Posted on April 8, 2013 | Ottawa Taxpayers' Advocacy Group | Written on April 10, 2013
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After pounding the pavement over the last few weeks The Ottawa Taxpayer Advocacy Group believes they have the secret recipe to reshape the waterfront of Ottawa as we know it. A new board called "Waterfront Ottawa" , consisting of multiple stakeholders including the NCC and the City of Ottawa would be formed and would pursue development opportunities with entrusted properties throughout the various waterfront areas of Ottawa. Incorporating a wealth of expertise, OTAG thinks the strongest argument for a focused and responsible development lies in the economic activity created.

Kevin MacDonald, President of OTAG points to the success in Toronto, "Waterfront Toronto reports as many as 40,000 jobs in the mixed-use communities. " MacDonald said. After the CEO of Waterfront Toronto, John Campbell, was integrated into their campaign he produced incredibly data to support OTAG and its national parent, MTAG as they knock on every door they can. "At our last estimation, the $1.14 billion investment for planning and implementation of revitalization projects between April 2001 and March 2012 has resulted in 14,500 full-time years of employment, more than 70% of which were in the City of Toronto. "Campbell said

Ade Olumide, President of MTAG, dismisses critics of their plan as defeatists. " What a shame if we can't have a world class waterfront, I hope we never have to stop envisioning our own Granville Island. " he said. High level discussions with city councilors have given Olumide and MacDonald the inspiration to forge on. " We just had an extremely productive chat with Capital Ward Councilor David Chernushenko and it seems he may be able to work with us. " MacDonald said. Adding to the chorus of well known names and faces is OTAGs tourism voice, Kurt Huck, President of Capital Cruises, a mainstay of Ottawa Waterfront optics.

Together with Mark Brandt, Chris Henderson, John Campbell and others, MacDonald believes Hucks name will prove valuable to an important part of the debate. " Its impossible for me to put a price tag on the value of Ottawa's Waterfront, its an untapped resource. Ottawa exists because of its waterfront we need to recognize that and use it for what it is worth." Huck said.

The Campaign is not naive to the difficulties and the hurdles. " The aboriginal community as well as Domtar have a role to play as well, we are quite confident that when it is all said and done they too will want to see their investments responsibly developed. "MacDonald said.


Kevin MacDonald, President
Ottawa Taxpayers Advocacy Group


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