Zero Means Zero Means Zero

Zero Means Zero Means Zero
Posted on October 25, 2014 | Craig MacAulay | Written on October 25, 2014
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

Some have said that I'm NOT a serious candidate just because I'm not spending a dime on my campaign.

But PLEASE don't listen to the wagging forked tongues of my opponents - go to my campaign website and make up your own mind.

Zero campaign expenses! Zero salary! Zero personal power!

ZeroMeansZeroMeansZero. Democratic reform please - it's time for zero corruption.

I’m running as an anti-politician on a ZERO-means-ZERO-means-ZERO platform. My first promise is I will spend ZERO money on my campaign and I will accept ZERO salary/pension/perks once elected.

That’s a savings of $500,000 annually for the taxpayer.

I’m taking over where Earl McRae of the Ottawa Sun left off.

Some may consider my campaign a big joke, but I have some VERY serious points to make, especially on electoral reform:

1) councillors should NOT accept donations from corporations and unions

2) councillors should support Ranked Choice Voting (

3) community associations should be transparent, accountable and NOT used for personal financial gain (and certainly NOT creations of the councillor!)

Corruption and bullying is BAD, even when done by elected officials and high-ranking City bureaucrats.

I will make a detailed case that Rick Chiarelli has blundered badly, has NOT told the truth, has wasted TONS of tax dollars, and does NOT deserve re-election.

Stay tuned for more electoral promises!

Craig MacAulay, OCT (30 years in the trenches)
pilot, Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi
outdoor rink operator/deposed president, LVCA
proud member, Citizens for Safe Cycling
Famous quotes: “I am NOT a politician.” “There IS such a thing as a free lunch.” “Want a ride? It’s free.”
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