Understanding Gangs-terrorism

Understanding Gangs-terrorism
Posted on October 25, 2014 | Yasser Harrak | Written on October 25, 2014
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

Gangs-terrorism is a term that was first used by Jean-Marc Balencie in his book : Arnaud de La Grange, Mondes rebelles : guerres civiles et violences politiques, 1999, p. 1057. It is a developing discipline in Terrorism studies.

The tragic events staged by the forces of evil have killed and injured our dear ones, but it will never succeed to end our commitment to democracy, freedom and the centrality of the human rights.  What makes our values ever lasting is the fact that they are for all human beings regardless of race, color, sex or religion. Our enemy is weak and do not provide basic human rights within his own society where Women are oppressed, immigrants are enslaved and the other human being is an infidel that is good for nothing but being an oil exportation market, a fiscal paradise, or a target of suicide bombers. The homegrown gangs-terrorists get the energy from the Saudi charity foundations, Saudi and Qatari satellite media, and our leaders’ political correctness. Our enemy is Wahhabism. An Islamist movement within the radical Salafi Islam. Wahhabism is the state religion of Saudi Arabia that our government pledged to cooperate with in order to overthrow the secular regimes in the region. In order to understand gangs-terrorism we need to hover over some Wahhabi ideological principles. We need to see how they glitter in the media sponsored by the Saudis and others in the Middle East.  

Gangs-terrorism is a new phenomenon that has certainly developed in our society. It affects uneducated young men –so far- with a history of problems with the law and a CV full of drugs, theft and violence related crimes. In the past, some youth with similar socioeconomic backgrounds in other societies embraced Nazism, joined the KKK or similar extremist schools. Today the fashion is Wahhabi Islamism. Perhaps the closest phenomenon to Wahhabism is Nazism and the two are the deadliest. The reason is that both ideologies were state sponsored. Saudi Arabia officially adopts Wahhabism as the state religion knowing that this ideology preaches that the Jews, the Christians, Shia Muslims and all other religions to be part of the house of war –Dar Al Harb-. Because in Wahhabism the world is divided to two parts. The house of peace –Dar Al Salam- where the Wahhabis live and the house of war where the infidels live. International relations and diplomacy for them is simply a truce. When there is a demographic or nuclear might, things might change to establish the Islamist Caliphate.

This is a passage from the book called Majmuua Al Fatawi (The collection of Fatwas) by the most respected authority in the Wahhabi sect Ibn Taymiya al Harrani. It is the best piece that explains why Wahhabi Islamists have an issue with adherence and good citizenry. He says : “whomever befriends infidels belongs to them” 1. Another respected scholar taught in Saudi curriculum often quoted by terrorist groups is named Ibn al Qayim Al Jawziya. He says in his book of provisions in dealing with non-Muslims Ahkam Ahl Al Thima that if a Muslim adheres to the laws of non-Muslims, he is considered as an apostate. Therefore, the ruling is similar to that affecting non-Muslims which is either to convert to Islam or the sword 2. It is evident that based on the teachings of Wahhabism, a person cannot be a citizen of a secular or a western nation and be a Wahhabi at the same time. It is also noteworthy to mention that Wahhabism forms a tiny minority within Muslims and often referred to by regular Muslims as Tazamut or extremism.

The killing of non-Muslims or non-Wahhabi Islamists to be specific is an idea that goes beyond the shelves of the books authored by the founding fathers of Salafism. The idea glitters in the Saudi Arabic media. The Saudi English media is made to fit the Western audience. That is why we need to refer to the Arabic material to be able to get the true face of the Wahhabi kingdom. The Saudi cleric Abdellah Naser al Fawzan who is a member of the Saudi family care center and administrator of  Almoslim Network website called in a recorded video for the execution of blogger Hamza Kashgari for alleged heretical tweets. He also called for a crackdown on liberals, seculars and atheists 3. This religious ruling has no geographical boundaries. Another Saudi Cleric named Al-Farraj lauded Hitler for "Barbecuing" Russians and Jews on the Saudi backed Islamist Syrian channel  Shada Al- Horiya 4. The Saudi backed Egyptian cleric Murgan Salem considered the Boston attack terrorists as martyrs and stated that the attack was to send a message 5. The Salafi cleric Salem Abu Al-Futuh stated that soon Italy will be conquered and Europe will be under the control of the Islamist Caliphate 6.

Under the Muslim brotherhood rule when Mohamed Mursi was president, Egypt organized one of the biggest gatherings of world terrorist scholars many of whom were recently sent out of prison – Like the case of Mohamed el- Fazzazi who was condemned to spend 30 years in jail in Morocco-. All those scholars issued a unanimous Fatwa to declare Jihad in Syria. Some radical Islamists went even further to issue a Fatwa to kill the Shia Muslims such as in the case of the Qatari cleric Yusuf Al Qaradawi. The later was dedicated a special program in the Qatari  Aljazeera Channel called The Sharia and Life -Al Sharia Wa Al Hayat-. People may wonder what did the western governments do in reaction to all of this? There was unfortunately no media attention, no diplomatic action and no plans to address this obvious threat to world peace and security. People may wonder if the oil and the interests of the multinational corporations have anything to do with the silence.

As a conclusion, we have learned how terrorism is deeply rooted in the Wahhabi ideology. We have also learned that the survival of terrorism and the spread of its ideology comes from the backing offered by rich oil and gas states in the Middle East. If Nazism is banned and expressing Nazi views constitute a crime, when will our lawmakers criminalize Wahhabism? In the United States, history tells that RICO - Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act- was crucial in putting an end to the underworld influence on the US economy. In Canada, there is a need of a similar act to deal with gangs-terrorism's influence on society from the ideological perspective before they commit an act.




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