Farm Boy's organic waste strategy fails environmentally conscience customers

Farm Boy's organic waste strategy fails environmentally conscience customers
Posted on October 16, 2017 | Waheeda Moses | Written on October 16, 2017
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In November 2014, I contacted Farm Boy about their non-existent recycling policy and also their non-existent organic waste program. When I wrote to them again in April of 2015, they were in the "process of purchasing an organics waste machine", the same one WholeFoods uses for "testing" purposes.

To date, over two years later, Farm Boy still only has one bio-digester in one store, while they "test" a zero landfill waste management initiative in another store. However, the rest of their stores, including new stores, do not have an active organic waste program. All of their waste goes directly into landfills. 

Over the same time period, since I first initiated contact with Farm Boy, they have opened six new stores across Ontario. Obviously growth and profit supersede the environment in their eyes. Despite promoting healthy living and a healthy lifestyle, Farm Boy is filling our landfills unnecessarily with organic waste, which is contributing to climate change through the generation of methane gas. All this at a time when when food banks are struggling to feed the needy. 

Farm Boy's actions don't make sense from a sustainability perspective nor from a marketing perspective. You can't be a corporate leader in today's world if you're contributing to climate change. At the same time, consumers of natural food products are often environmentally conscious.  How many of Farm Boy's customers know they are tossing all their old food into the garbarge? 

I have tried for years to encourage Farm Boy to change their policies around organic waste. I have even written to Berkshire Partners, their US investor, without any response. If we want true change we all need to stand up and not settle for the status quo. 

I encourage everyone to write to Jeff York at and tell him that you won't shop at Farm Boy any longer if they don't change their unconscious ways!

There's a quote in the movie Avatar that really stood out to me, "They killed their Mother and they're gonna do the same here."

On that note, I am but one voice, I need your assistance in making positive change for all of us. I encourage you to write to Jeff York and tell him how you feel.

Thank you, 

Waheeda Moses


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I am a concerned citizen living in Ottawa. 

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