Choices for Mayor are really only one choice.... Wood

Choices for Mayor are really only one choice.... Wood
Posted on October 23, 2014 | Darren W. Wood | Written on October 23, 2014
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

This letter was inspired by the people I meet every day going door to door talking about my mayoral campaign.

Since July I have been going door to door talking to people and asking for their support for mayor in Ottawa. What I am hearing from those that voted in the advance polls and those that are waiting for the traditional voting day are that the only real choice was Darren W. Wood for mayor.

When asked why the answers are always the same; lack of job creation, huge debt, LRT, weekly garbage and the green bin program are just a few of the reasons people won't vote for Watson.

When it comes to Maguire, people list several concerns; his rail system lacks substance and viability, don't want hockey moms running the arenas and driving the Zamboni, as a neo-conservative they worry about job layoffs and higher taxes, worry about cuts so deep that all services that core and senior services will greatly suffer.

Ottawa needs change, we need balanced books and we need someone who listens to and asks on behalf of the people. We can no longer tolerate a mayor who is bleeding the taxpayers dry or a neo-conservative who thinks the way to make Ottawa better is to cut till it hurts. This is not a time to elect a Tim Hudak, nor is it a time to gamble another four years on a free-spending Liberal.

I encourage everyone who hasn't already voted to ask questions of your candidates. Ask why they put you into debt, raised your taxes and why they will continue to do the same. Ask why they cannot come up with a real platform to challenge the incumbent. And look at the platform of Darren W. Wood, the candidate with the largest platform based on the will of the people. The only candidate with a platform that can be completed in the first year of office despite being more jammed packed with plans to make Ottawa better.

I suffer only one handicap as the challenger to Watson, I refuse to kiss the ass of the conservative media. I support the truly impartial media in Ottawa which includes Metro and your community papers, this is where you will get a true sense of the political times we live in and who is the right candidate for you.

The people have spoken load and clear with their donations that dwarf the financial campaigns of Maguire and come close to Watsons. People do not donate that kind of money to the losing candidates.

Jump on board and let’s make change in Ottawa together.

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