Journey to Diversity Workplaces Launches Crowdfunding for new Scholarship Program

Journey to Diversity Workplaces Launches Crowdfunding for new Scholarship Program
Posted on July 18, 2017 | Journey to Diversity Workplaces | Written on July 21, 2017
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The Doris Tretter Memorial Scholarship for Diversity in the Fine Arts aims to award $1,000 each to two students pursuing post-secondary studies in Ontario in May, 2018.

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BARRIE, ONTARIO, 21 JULY 2017 – Journey to Diversity Workplaces (J2DW) is excited to announce the creation of a scholarship aimed towards promoting diversity and fair representation in dance, theatre, film, and visual arts. This scholarship is an incredible opportunity for people pursuing a Fine Arts degree to boost their career aspirations.

      J2DW’s goal is to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We respect differences ethically, morally, and legally. We want a different kind of workplace where diversity is championed and so is the worker. An organization’s success and competitiveness depends upon its ability to embrace diversity and to realize the benefits of diversity. This is just as true in the fine arts as it is in municipal government or health care.

      “According to Statistics Canada, the number of visible minorities in Canada is expected to increase by two hundred percent and account for approximately twenty percent of Canada’s population through 2017. Racialized and transgender groups are underrepresented in the fine arts such as film. It is important to take steps now to increase workplace diversity and inclusion that will allow for a better future.” said Peter V. Tretter, President & CEO of Journey to Diversity Workplaces.

       Anyone who has gone to school in Ontario in the previous academic year and is taking a post-secondary fine arts program in the following September is eligible to apply.

      Today, we launch our crowdfunding effort so that J2DW will have funds to award in May 2018. We are aiming to raise $5,000 to fund the scholarship to start off with. The additional funds will be used in future years. The campaign may be found at

      The mother of J2DW founder Peter V. Tretter, Doris was an avid painter creating various paintings over the years. As well Doris was an avid community volunteer, doing makeup and set painting with The Greely Players, leading the Parkway Community Kids Choir, both in Ottawa, and creating wonderful creations at the Gilda Club of Simcoe-Muskoka in Barrie. Doris was a registered nurse and promoted health to the congregants at both the Parkway Road Pentecostal Church before moving to Barrie in 2007 and then to Mapleview Community Church. Doris passed away from cancer July 2014.

      Journey to Diversity Workplaces is a Barrie, Ontario based organization formed under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act in December 2013.

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Peter V. Tretter, President & CEO

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