Largest Economic Drains Hidden From View

Largest Economic Drains Hidden From View
Posted on June 29, 2017 | Larry Elford | Written on June 29, 2017
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May I use this Horseshoe Falls image to compare the flow of water, to the flow of dollars down our economic drain?

What if the flow of water over the falls were compared to the drain of dollars from all criminal acts in the country?

$50 to $70 billion each year is the approximate cost of all measured crime in Canada.

So we might imagine that the total flow of 'dollars’ in the image is $50 -$70 billion per year.

Did you know that the cost of hidden, untracked crime done by financial systems, financial players and organized efforts of our highest status money-changers is also in the neighbourhood of $50 to $70 Billion each year?

Impossible? Valeant Pharmaceutical alone removed $100 Billion from investors. One (1) Company.  Do you know how this was done?

Financial drains from the country are equal to the cost of all the ‘ordinary’ crimes in the land, yet these financial crimes are HIDDEN from the eyes of the public. Why?

Ask yourself how the financial or judicial system can so easily eliminate from public view, what may be our country’s largest economic drains.

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