Mike Schreiner: Green breakthrough in BC is a game changer for all Canadians

Mike Schreiner: Green breakthrough in BC is a game changer for all Canadians
Posted on May 27, 2017 | Mike Schreiner | Written on May 27, 2017
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Green Party of Ontario

The outcome of the BC election is a game changer for BC and Canada. 

People want a new way of doing politics. The BC Greens delivered. 

I'm so proud of the positive campaign the BC Greens ran in the face of intense negative attacks. Andrew Weaver made it clear that he would bring a spirit of cooperation and collaboration to the Legislature when he said he could work with either the Liberals or the NDP. He will deliver on that promise. BC and Canada will be a better place as a result. 

I had the privilege of campaigning with Andrew, Sonia Furstenau, Adam Olsen and Mark Neufeld. Their campaigns were built on community, trust, and service. They promised a new way of doing politics. They put honesty, integrity and policies that work for people ahead of partisan self-interest. 

Voters rewarded them.

The BC Greens now hold the balance of power. I'm confident that they will honour that trust in a responsible and respectful way. They have a chance to show BC and Canada that politics can be done differently, that parties can cooperate for the public good.

Congratulations Andrew, Adam and Sonia and the BC Greens. We are inspired by your leadership.


Mike Schreiner
Leader, GPO

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