Jeff Leiper to supporters: NO MORE DONATIONS PLEASE!

Jeff Leiper to supporters: NO MORE DONATIONS PLEASE!
Posted on October 15, 2014 | Dennis Van Staalduinen | Written on October 15, 2014
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Jeff Leiper Campaign Supporters

Author's Note:

Author's Note:

This was the note sent today to more than 500 supporters and 165 individuals who donated to the Kitchissippi for Jeff Leiper campaign. It was the subject of this press release.

Hello supporters,

Pat O’Brien here. I’m Jeff’s Campaign Chair, and he asked me to send you the following message: “Please don’t donate any more money to my campaign!”

Did you ever expect to hear a political campaign say that? Well, we can because with your help, we did it! Responding to just a single email appeal, you gave more than $5,000 over Thanksgiving weekend. With that, two weeks before election day, we have fully funded our campaign right up to the allowed spending limit with over $29,000 in individual donations from more than 165 individuals. And this on a day the press is full of news about the pervasiveness of donations from corporations, unions and developers.

So from Jeff and the whole team: THANK YOU!

But now is not the time to rest! I don’t need to tell you that voting day is coming, and we are running against an incumbent, so it will almost certainly be very close. So now we will focus on the real work: winning this tough election against Katherine Hobbs. Please volunteer to help us out during this final push to Election Day. We still need help with telephone canvassing, literature drops, door-to-door canvassing with Jeff, and of course election day! And please keep working to convince undecided friends and neighbors to vote for Jeff. Every single vote is needed!

In the meantime, after such a tremendous show of positive energy, and your investment in his vision, Jeff is promising you and all Kitchissippi voters three things:

  • First, you will receive no more fundraising appeals from us. We are fully funded!
  • Second, we won’t be using “robocalls” (automated phone calls); since Jeff is dedicated to open lines of communication, you deserve to speak to a real person.
  • Finally, this campaign is about a positive vision, so we’ll stick to vision; not negative advertising. We will continue to maintain the highest ethical standards, no matter what anyone throws at us - no dirty tricks, smear campaigns, or anything else that lowers the level of political debate in Kitchissippi.

Let’s keep showing Ottawa that Kitchissippi can do better. Together.

Thanks again!


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