#GlobeDebate pundits failed Canadian voters

#GlobeDebate pundits failed Canadian voters
Posted on September 18, 2015 | Geoffrey May | Written on September 18, 2015
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Author's Note:

This letter is Authorized by Geoffrey May.

One of the deliberate failures of the modern press corp is the tactic of simply reporting what people say, without fact checking any of it. This leads to " He said, She said" coverage, leaving the viewer to do their own fact checking, or assume that the issue is complex and contentious, when in fact it is quite simple: Person A's statements are accurate, while person B's rebuttal is inaccurate, or vice versa, either way it's an open and shut case.

No, the media prefer to leave the viewer confused, disempowered in their decision making. Such was the case in the male leaders debate last night (#GlobeDebate).

Analyzed by media pundits, not on the candidates ability to understand what they were talking about, where they support their points with evidence, but rather on the style of their delivery. In doing so, the so called 'pundits' missed Harper's statement on racial superiority of white Europeans, and Mulcair's constant patronizing of Trudeau.

Since the pundits, ignore the facts and are blind to the psychological insights, what purpose do they serve?

The debates should help Canadians decide which party platform they support, and better understand the records of the various party leaders, because the party leaders wield almost dictatorial powers over their caucus, especially now, thanks to Harper's vandalism of the entire apparatus of government.

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