Lisa Raitt: A clear contrast to Justin Trudeau

Lisa Raitt: A clear contrast to Justin Trudeau
Posted on May 9, 2017 | Lisa Raitt | Written on May 8, 2017
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Dear Conservatives, 

This is the video I shared on the day I launched my campaign:

On that day, I argued that our party should elect the leader who presented the clearest contrast to Justin Trudeau, and that I was that candidate.

Today I want to drive that message home. We need a leader who presents the starkest contrast to Justin Trudeau, and I am that leader.

If you’re with me in this fight, let me know I can count on your support.

My background, my experience, my policy goals, and my priorities are as different as can be from those of Trudeau and his Liberals.

What does it mean for Canadians? Instead of a tone-deaf, out-of-touch Prime Minister, they’ll have someone who understands their concerns and has a real plan to address the issues they’re facing.

It means balanced budgets, lower tax cuts, and building Canadians up instead of Liberal tax hikes, fewer benefits, and other damaging policies.

Conservatives across the country are receiving their ballots and casting their votes. Let me know I can I count on you to vote for me and my plan to achieve Victory in 2019!

Thank you,

Lisa Raitt

PS – I hope I have earned the #1 position on your ballot. If, however, your first position is committed to another one of our 13 excellent candidates, please look at me for one of your subsequent positions.   Please consider making a donation to help promote my message and win in 2019.

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