Video: Patrick Brown's 1st Day in Queens Park

Video: Patrick Brown's 1st Day in Queens Park
Posted on September 17, 2015 | Ontario PC News | Written on September 17, 2015
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NOTE:  This email was initially sent to Ontario PC Party supporters on Monday September 14th, Patrick Brown's first day as a sitting MPP and as the Leader of the Opposition.  


This morning I was officially sworn in as the Member of Provincial Parliament for Simcoe North, and now assume the duty of the Leader of the Official Opposition. It was an honour to take my seat in the Legislature for the first time, and I promise to represent my constituents, and all of Ontario, to the highest standard. 
Today I had my first opportunity in Question Period to ask the Premier about the number one concern I heard at the doors campaigning in Simcoe North:  Ontario’s skyrocketing hydro rates. 
I asked the Premier why she has allowed Ontario’s hydro rates to drive jobs away. I asked her how she can callously ignore the wishes of 70% of Ontarians who oppose her fire sale of Hydro One. 

You can watch my Question Period debut on the link below:
I also used my first Question Period to ask Premier Wynne a question that is close to my heart. Thirteen years ago, Ontario lost a Simcoe County hero, Bill Wilkins, who was a firefighter that tragically died serving the people of Ontario. 
While in Ottawa, I worked to get all-party support for survivor benefits for families of first responders who have fallen in service of our province. I asked the Premier if she would work with me to create an Ontario Hero Fund that could mirror the benefit established for the families of fallen soldiers.  

You can watch my second question, including  the Premier's answers on the link:
My Caucus and I will be bringing a new approach to Queen’s Park. I’ve always said there is no monopoly on a good idea. When Liberal policy is in the best interest of Ontario, we will be the first to applaud it. But when it is not, we will hold this Government accountable. 
I look forward to holding this Government to account as we move forward to build a better, stronger Ontario over the coming years. 
Patrick Brown
Leader, Ontario PC Party


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