The feds paid private eye to hunt for a journalist's sources

The feds paid private eye to hunt for a journalist's sources
Posted on April 27, 2017 | National Observer | Written on April 26, 2017


National Observer

Only a few days into his new job as an executive at Canada’s energy regulator Sylvain Bédard asked for help.

A list of six questions from National Observer had arrived in his email inbox. 

Most of the questions were about botched security arrangements for a National Energy Board (NEB) pipeline hearing in Montreal. 

One of the questions described a verbal blunder by Bédard​'s new boss, Josée Touchette. The gaffe had occurred during an Aug. 30 town hall meeting at the NEB's Calgary headquarters, staged to brief NEB employees after a protest had disrupted the Montreal hearing. Touchette had joked about tasering environmental activists.

National Observer's reporter — this reporter — wanted to know why. 

What followed was an investigation by the NEB into who told National Observer about Touchette's joke. This investigation will cost the federal government $24,150.

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